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Washi Display Assembly and FAQ

To assemble our Decorative Washi Display with MAGNET connectors:

To add the Washi Stack Feet with MAGNET connectors:

To assemble our Decorative Washi Display with PIN connectors:

To add the Washi Stack Feet to a PIN connector assembly:

Should I use glue on my display stand?
Glue is not necessary for the individual display units during initial assembly, since the rods are made to be tapped into place for a sturdy hold. If your display unit has come apart, you will probably want to add a drop of glue when the long rods are reinserted into the holes on the flat face of the end cap.

Should I use glue on my stack of units and/or the stack feet?
For permanent assembly, you may want to add a drop of glue on the stacking pins between each unit and the stack feet. Glue is not necessary if you might ever want to rearrange or change your stack.

What if my stacking pins will not go into the small holes?
If the stacking pins do not seem to sit into the pin holes, tap them gently with a hammer and they should go right in.

Will the decorative end caps break?
It is not likely that the end caps will break. The material is quite sturdy and has been designed to withstand the weight of many washi tape rolls as well as the minor knocks and pushes that would be associated with any object on a craft work surface.

Are different color parts interchangeable?
Yes, you may choose any color of parts to mix and match.  All the colors are made to work easily with any other part.