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Planners Unite Welcomes Heather Kell

Heather Kell will be speaking at Planners Unite conference in Southlake TexasHeather Kell is a long time Happy Planner advocate and member of the original Happy Planner Squad. She has been a fun example and inspiration to an uncountable number of planners for many years – whether they use the Happy Planner or any other brand.

Always full of fun ideas, faith inspiration, and a life lived out there in a big, wide world, Heather will share some wisdom, tips, and tricks for all of our Planners Unite party guests.

Find Heather Kell on Instagram: @kellofaplan
And on YouTube: Kell of a Plan
And on Facebook: Kell of a Plan

Heather curates her own shop with products that she loves and finds inspiring in her daily planning. Kell of a Plan