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Planners Unite Special Guest

Typewriter Poet Scott Andrew James

Typewrite Poet Scott Andrew James will be our special guest at the planner convention Planners Unite in North Texas, Dallas, Southlake

The typewriter poet is a unique experience that will engage your emotions – pleased, empowered, moved, uplifted, amused – that you really must try for yourself. We have seen guests laugh or cry, let out a sigh or have their breath catch, eyes widen or eyes close. Each poem and every reaction is special to the person in that moment.

Using a word or short phrase that you choose, Scott Andrew James will create and read a poem on the spot. The poem is typed onto high quality paper to which you have added a watercolor design, and makes a wonderful, personal keepsake unlike anything else you will receive.

Any word. You have got to be there. We know you will love this.