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Create custom sticker with washi tape

Creating Custom Stickers with Washi Tape

I was recently inspired to try making some unique, one-off stickers with washi tape and let me tell you: I am very pleased with the results. This was simple enough that I already had everything I needed on hand, but the results are nice enough to knock your socks off!
Washi Tape Warrior Love Collection

Love is Almost Here!

Whether you are a Valentine’s fanatic, a humbug-er of affection, or somewhere in between you are going to want to see this! The newest Washi Tape Warrior collection is useful far beyond the month of February and is jam-packed with excellent things.
Washi Tape Tea Light Last Minute Gift DIY

Last Minute Washi Tape Tea Light Gift

Ok, y’all: it is December 15th. Christmas is imminent, and things are starting to fall through the cracks. You’re not perfect, because nobody is! But having a trick like thisLast Minute Washi Tape Tea Light Gift in your back pocket – for unexpected, gift-bearing holiday visitors, for example – could be just the hack you need to make it through this season.

Washi Tape Warrior Decorative Washi Tape Display Coming Soon!

Our Decorative Washi Tape Display is Coming Soon!

You have seen it teased, you have asked us about it, and finally some good news: The Washi Tape Warrior Decorative Washi Tape Display is available soon!
Washi Tape-Filled Ornaments

Washi Tape-Filled Ornaments

Today I have a super fun craft for Christmas: Washi Tape-Filled Ornaments! You can make these beauties for your friends or yourself, they are simple and easy enough to knock out while enjoying your favorite Christmas movie (Muppet Christmas Carol, anyone?).
Washi Tape Warrior December Shop Calendar

Washi Tape Warrior December 2018 Shop Calendar

December is a busy month no matter who you are, but I bet you can squeeze at least some of these fun Washi Tape Warrior events into your calendar! Read on to learn more!

Bubbles Washi Tape Collection is Available Now!

Welcome the Bubbles Collection!

Bubbles – aka pure joy – come in many wonderful forms. This new Washi Tape Warrior collection celebrates that joy with 4 unique washi tapes that you definitely NEED in your life. Did we mention each purchase from the Bubbles collection comes with a surprise freebie while supplies last?
Decorate Gift Bottles with Washi Tape Labels

Decorative Washi Tape Bottle Labels for Gifting

The most wonderful time of the year is nearly upon us, but lets be honest: is there ever an occasion where a bottle of someone’s favorite beverage is a bad gift? Not in my book! Dress up that drinkable present with this fun, easy-to-make Decorative Washi Tape Bottle Labels!
An Update on My Washi Tape Decorated Large Building Blocks

Washi Tape Decorated Building Blocks: An Update

One of my more successful crafts has continued to be useful and entertaining, so I thought we were due for an update!

Shop Calendar November 2018

Shop Calendar November 2018

Things are happening so fast, we wanted you to see all of our upcoming events at a glance.
Bakery Washi Tape Featuring Cakes and Pies

Fresh Out of the Oven: Bakery is Here!

Grab these while they are hot, because you do not want to miss Bakery – the newest washi tape collection from Washi Tape Warrior!
Washi Leaf Décor Craft

Washi Leaf Décor Craft

This craft brought to you by: the super interesting stick I found near my house! (Seriously. I found it and was like “what can I do with this cool stick?”) I decided to make a simple décor piece, and I think it is an affordable craft y’all will enjoy as well!