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Wizarding I and II Have Arrived - Is Your Trunk Packed?

  • 2 min read

The newest collections from Washi Tape Warrior – Wizarding I and II – are officially available for purchase! Grab your robes, Harry Potter fans, and lets go!

Wizarding I Has Hogwarts Style

From the stony Castle wall to the colorful, waiving House Banners, you might be able to imagine locations from your favorite books! So grab everything you need for Study Time – books, ink, parchment – because there is plenty of work to do in these hallowed halls. Even if all your Cauldrons of potions do not go exactly according to plan, there always seems to be a friend around to lend a helping hand. This collection of four washi tapes is available as a set and individually, but really- what could you possibly pass up? Do not forget to snag the matching diecut stickers as well!

Wizarding II Pulls You Deeper Into a Magical World

When your day starts with Owl Mail, is anything else that happens ever going to be Harry Potter Washi Tape Setordinary? Of course not! From riding in a Train pulled by a scarlet engine to sporting in the skies on Broomsticks, you will be kept on your toes.  Wands – you will quickly learn – are wizard’s most valuable tools, able of producing a variety of Spells; with enough practice, that is. The five different washi tape rolls in this collection offer a variety of glimpses into everyday wizarding life, and are not to be missed! Buy the whole set or pick your favorite individual rolls, it is up to you, but you do not want to miss the coordinated diecut sticker pack!

The Wand Chooses the Wizard, After All

Before you can begin a proper wizarding adventure you must surely have a wand of your own! Purchase any two items from the Wizarding collections and you will receive the very special Wand Chooses the Wizard include. Curious? Read more about what it involves in this blog post!

From trains to castles to broomsticks to wands, there is certainly something for every witch and wizard in these Wizarding I and II collections. Any member of the wizarding world would be remiss to be caught without them- order today!