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What’s in My Planner Bag: Prepping for a Planner Event

  • 4 min read

Planner events are so fun and exciting! But how can you possibly narrow down ALL your planner supplies and decide what to bring?!? In this breakdown I will demystify packing your supplies to attend a planner event by showing you exactly what I bring with me. That being said: pack what YOU want to have! This is by no means a be-all-end-all packing list; it is simply my planner bag, laid out for you to take a peek in.

My Planner Bag Itself

As you can see from the title picture, by the time I get my planner bag packed it is comfortably full. For perspective, this bag is roughly 14” across x 9” high x 6” wide; it features two main compartments separated by a narrow, zippered compartment and latches closed (does not zip closed). I purchased this particular bag from DSW about 2 years ago, and sadly it no longer is available there. Amazon has many tote bag options that are similar, though, in a variety of price ranges!

So What’s in the Bag?!?

Breakdown of items in my planner bag

Let’s dive in together, shall we?

  1. My Planner – A true planner event must-have! I do all my planning in one large planner, but I know many folks out there plan in multiple planners. I would bring your most-used planner(s).
  2. Washi Tape- Surprise, surprise: the Washi Tape Warrior carries washi with her everywhere! In this perfect, petite pouch from Planning Boss I have about 15 rolls of washi tape (chosen in batches to compose two separate spreads).
  3. Pen Pouch- This little buddy is packed to-the-gills with my pens, markers, and general miscellaneous planner supplies. It gets its whole own breakdown below!
  4. Swaps – These are small gifts I intend to give away/trade with other attendees to introduce myself and break the ice. Swaps are a totally optional part of attending planner events! If you are planning on swapping, I recommend also bringing an EMPTY small pouch that you can collect the swaps you receive in; there is just nothing sadder than discovering you accidentally crushed some swaps while they were loose in your big bag!
  5. Power Bank and Chord- I like using my phone at planner events! I like to take photos and videos, show people fun things, look up my new friends on social media, post about how much fun I’m having at the event…. The list goes on and on! I do NOT like running out of phone battery mid-event. So I always toss this little guy in my bag and then I never have to worry about it!
  6. HP Sprocket Photo Printer- This tiny photo printer is so much fun for creating on-the-spot memories and sharing them with your new friends! While I do not always end up using my Sprocket at every event I attend, I always bring it just in case.
  7. Some Stickers- While bringing my entire sticker collection is nigh impossible, I do pick out one or two of my sticker albums from Pegatina Plans to tag along with me. I happen to keep some of my favorite sheets in these albums, specifically for occasions like this!

How Can I Possibly Bring All My Pens?

Items inside my pen pouch for planner events

Short answer: you cannot. This process, much like my washi tape selecting, is done deliberately and in advance. I bring the pens and markers I will need to make two separate spreads, plus my always-on-hand planning accessories.

  1. Tiny Scissors – Love, love, love these little guys! I got mine from Little Craft Place.
  2. Tweezers- These making placing even the tiniest of stickers a breeze!
  3. Acrylic Washi Tape Card – AKA The Swiss Army Knife of washi tape. Check out this amazing tool for yourself!
  4. Flair Pens- Probably the 2nd most used pens in my planner. I always bring at least 4 to match each spread.
  5. Brush Pens- I’m adding more lettering to my spreads, so I always bring along a couple brush pens that match my themes!
  6. Highlighters- Whether I am emphasizing something in my planner or just brightening up a spot, Mildliners always do the trick!
  7. Mini Ruler- I cannot draw straight lines free hand to save my life. Enough said.
  8. Glue Pen- Sometimes you just gotta stick some things together, am I right?!?
  9. Nice Eraser- No smudges leftover when I use this guy!
  10. White Out Tape- Because nobody is perfect.
  11. Tape Runner- It is good to have options when it comes to sticking things together.
  12. Mechanical Pencil- Great for mapping out my lettering before committing to brush pens.
  13. PenGems Ballpoint Pen- Sometimes you just need a really stunning, sparkly, ballpoint pen.
  14. Tombow Mono Drawing Pen 01- My #1 planner pen. My work horse. My don’t-you-dare-touch-that pen.
  15. Pen that Writes on Washi Tape- This Pilot pen writes on washi tape without bubbling up or smearing off, drying almost instantly. I use it in almost every spread.
  16. Pen Pouch- I absolutely adore this pen pouch I found on Amazon. It is affordable, durable, and holds everything pictured here comfortably. (That is not an affiliate link; I just really love this pen pouch!)

Mystery Unraveled!

So there you go! That is everything I pack in my planner bag when attending a planner event. I still bring my purse with all my regular essentials as well, but I trust you’ve got that part under control.

I hope this guide was helpful to you! One final confession, though: I am forever guilty of plotting out my spreads, bringing my supplies, and then doing nothing but gabbing and showing off my previous spreads for the whole time. It happens! So do not feel bad if you do not get around to actually planning; you were prepared, and that counts for something.