Welcome the Bubbles Collection!

Bubbles Washi Tape Collection is Available Now!

Bubbles – aka pure joy – come in many wonderful forms. This new Washi Tape Warrior collection celebrates that joy with 4 unique washi tapes that you definitely NEED in your life. Did we mention each purchase from the Bubbles collection comes with a surprise freebie while supplies last?

Bubbly, for those Special Occasions

This shimmery, effervescent washi tape is a stunner that rises to every occasion. From Champagne toasts to adding a spray of sparkle, Bubbly and its gold foil will not let you down!

Soak in a Nice Bubble Bath

These inviting pastel bathtubs invite you to sink into their luxuriously overflowing bubbles and soak your care away! Bubble Bath – complete with rubber ducks – is a self-care must have.

Bubble Wrap – You Know You Love It

Padding something special or popping away stress, Bubble Wrap is roll that is sure to add a unique look to your projects. Use a single piece or line up several to make a cushion-y patch, the choice is yours!

Everyone Enjoys Blowing Bubbles

Recapture the childhood love of bubble blowing with this holo-foiled roll of exceptionally beautiful washi tape. Use a section with the bubble wand for a youthful feel or isolate just the bubbles for almost any occasion. Blowing Bubbles is a winner, for sure!

Also Available: Acrylic Washi Tape Card

Shop Now Acrylic Washi Tape Card

This totally reinvented “swiss army knife” of washi tools is something every washi fan has to have in their arsenal. Easily transport, quickly measure, and cleanly cut washi tape – all with this business-card-sized wonder! If you are still on fence, click here to see a demo of the Acrylic Washi Tape Card in action. Then you can order cards for yourself and your washi BFFs!

So between amazing new tape, a fun surprise freebie, and the ridiculously cool Acrylic Washi Tape Card, what are you waiting for?!? Get your order in today!

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