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Washi Tape Sun Catchers

  • 2 min read

This fun Washi Tape Sun Catcher craft can be exactly what you need it to be: specific holiday décor, simple enough for the kids, detailed enough for adults – anything! So give it a try! I bet you already have everything you need on hand.

Supplies for Washi Tape Sun Catchers

Assorted washi tapes

Wax paper

Scissors, big and small

Colorful cardstock

Tape runner (or other form of adhesive)

Supplies for Washi Tape Sun Catchers

Starting Your Washi Tape Sun Catcher

First off, cut a piece of wax paper down to a manageable size, a bit larger than you would like your finished sun catcher to be.

Starting a Washi Tape Sun Catchers

Next, begin laying your washi tape! For this sun catcher I went with a random, overlapping pattern. You could, however, try neat rows, woven-basket-style, diagonals – basically anything you are feeling today.

Layering Washi Tape for Your Sun Catchers

I stopped when my wax paper was almost entirely covered in washi tape.

Creating the Frame for Your Washi Tape Sun Catcher

To make the frame for my sun catcher, I took one small piece of cardstock and quasi-folded it like so (to avoid having an actual crease as much as possible).

Starting the Sun Catcher Frame

Then, I cut out the interior to leave me with a rectangular frame. Keep that inside piece! You will need it for the next step.

Frame for Washi Tape Sun Catcher

Using the cut-out-piece from your frame, cut down your washi taped wax paper to just larger than that piece; this will ensure you have enough edge to stick your frame to.

Trimming the Washi Tape Wax Paper Piece

Attaching the Frame to Your Washi Tape Sun Catcher

For this sun catcher I used my tape runner to lay a border of tape all around the edge of my washi taped wax paper piece, then carefully applied my cardstock frame. And your creation is now complete!

Finished Washi Tape Sun Catcher

As you can just barely see in the below picture, my tape runner and my frame did not 100% line up, leaving me with some slivers of exposed sticky tape.

Exposed Adhesive on My First Sun Catcher

Now, seeing as this was not a project that was going to handled very much – it would just hang in the window – I did not lose much sleep over that. I did, however, try in my subsequent sun catchers to be more mindful and deliberate with my tape runner. Below is a picture of a different style I made as well!

Heart Shaped Washi Tape Sun Catchers

So if you decide to give these beautiful sun catchers a try, please tag me @washitapewarrior in your Instagram photos! I love seeing how y’all make these projects your own!