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Washi Tape Storage Hoops

  • 2 min read

Washi Tape Warrior is all about solving problems, and the Washi Tape Storage Hoops are another great item for washi users of all varieties! Read on to learn more!

Style + Portability + Ease of Use = Washi Hoops

Washi Tape Hoop Travel Storage Washi Tape Warrior

Storing, transporting, and accessing your washi tape are among the top complaints for washi users, with good reasons. These neat little circular rolls of tape have a habit of rolling off the table, out of sight, and then promptly disappearing into another dimension entirely. It is maddening! But no more, because the Washi Tape Warrior Washi Storage Hoops are here to save your sanity! These hoops hold your washi securely, thanks to a strong magnetic closure, but allow you to access the roll of your choice in mere moments; either use the rolls directly on the hoop or rotate the closure directly next to your desired roll and easily remove just that one. The Washi Tape Storage Hoop keeps your washi securely accounted for but still easily browsable, so you never forget what you have on hand. The assorted sizes offered in the Washi Tape Storage Hoop allow you to organize your washi tapes by your preferred categories or bring along exactly how many you need for a trip or meet up. These necessary accessories are available in four standard colors, but custom color orders can be accommodated! Just drop us an email and we will get it all sorted out.

Washi Hoops Hold Limitless Possibility

Is there really ever too much of a good thing? Not when it comes to Washi Tape Hoops! Mix a variety of sizes and colors to your heart’s content. These fantastic storage hoops open up a range of possibilities, especially for those low on shelf storage space- simply hang your washi hoops directly on the wall! It is the perfect combination of décor and function. (Just be sure that wall does not get much direct sunlight, as that can age and damage washi tapes from all brands.)

Ready for the best news? The Washi Storage Hoops are restocked! So place your order today before they sell out again!