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Washi Tape Silverware Bundles are Perfectly Easy

Use Washi Tape Silverware Bundles for Your Next Party!

Here is a quick way washi tape can come to the rescue next time you are serving food to a crowd!

Why You Need to Make Washi Tape Silverware Bundles for Your Next Party

Anytime you are having a get together, space always seems to be at a premium. Seating space, counter space for food, space for decorations, everything. Having a bunch of silverware and napkins laid out can seriously eat into your available surface area. And if you are eating outdoors you have the added struggle of keeping everything (especially napkins) from blowing away. It seems almost like a no-win situation. But washi tape is coming to the rescue!

Washi Tape Silverware Bundle Supplies

Washi Tape (that coordinates with your party decorations, of course!)

Paper Napkins

Plastic Utensils (as appropriate for whatever you are serving)

Bucket (or any vessel to contain you finished bundles)

Making Washi Tape Silverware Bundles

First, decide what combination of things you would like to have in your bundle. Having a traditional BBQ? You will probably want a fork, spoon, knife, and napkin. Throwing an ice cream social? Then a spoon and two napkins could be your best bet. Whatever your combo is, assemble all your included pieces. For this party, my guests are going to need a bit of everything, so I’m doing the whole kit.

The first step is to pre-cut your washi into strips. I found that 4" - 4 1/2" worked best for my all-in combination. You can measure or eyeball it, no judging here.

Cut Washi Tape Strips, Ready to Roll

Next, lay a napkin flat with one corner facing you. Place your silverware combination on top, close to the bottom corner.

Preparing the Washi Tape Silverware Bundle

Then, simply fold the corner over your plasticware and roll until the whole thing is a neat, tidy bundle. Finish by wrapping a piece of washi tape around the bundle, at the “necks” of the utensils, and secure.

Washi Tape Silverware Bundle is Almost Complete!

It is as easy as that! Repeat until you have the number of silverware bundles needed for your event, and you are done. Due to the washi tape's repositionable nature, unwrapping each bundle is easy and does not destroy the napkin. Everything is perfectly ready to go! Place the bundles in something like a bucket or vase to keep them together and easy for guests to see and grab. No more digging through endless plasticware looking for the utensil you need, no more napkins scattered all over the park- just neat packages perfect for each guest to grab and go.

Finished Washi Tape Silverware Bundles in a Decorative Bucket

Will you use this tip for your next party? I hope you will! And then tag me in your pictures on Instagram so I can be jealous of what a good time you are having.

Until next time!

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