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Washi Tape Fail: Mousepad Edition

  • 2 min read

Because I believe transparency is something much-needed in today’s world, I am sharing with you a washi project that did NOT go well: my attempted washi-decorated mousepad.

The Ill-Conceived Idea

In my general adoration of all things washi related, I recently began to wonder if I could add washi tape to a boring mousepad to make it more interesting. Washi tape itself seemed matte enough that it shouldn’t interfere with even a laser mouse, and mousepads on Amazon were cheap and abundant- why not try it?

Supplies You Would Need for a Washi Tape Mousepad (Which You Should Not Make)

First, I gathered everything together, including some brand new washi I picked up on my recent trip to the Erin Condren store.

Supplies Used in Washi Tape Mousepad Fail

Upon laying it out I discovered the EC tapes were much thicker and glossier than typical washi, so I benched them for this project. Like I mentioned before, I was going for matte.

Washi Tape Test Swatch

The Beginning of the End

I happily began to lay my washi tape out, in a jaunty diagonal pattern, across my mousepad. The first few pieces of washi were not sticking to the mousepad very well, but I ignored that, kept smoothing them down, and charged forward in my stubbornness.

Washi Tape Mousepad Early Warning Signs

Soon, the mousepad was mostly covered. Rebellion among the washi strips can be seen in this photo, though it remained ignored at the time.

Mostly Covered Washi Tape Mousepad

Doubts Begin to Develop

Once the entire mousepad was washi-covered, it should have been glaringly evident that there were issues. Washi was popping up all over the place. Still, I persisted.

Doomed to Fail Washi Tape Mousepad

I smoothed everything down, flipped it face-down on my cutting mat, and trimmed away all the washi excess. (Side note: rotary cutters are sharp enough to cut through mousepad material. Beware.)

Once trimmed, everything was starting to seem better behaved. My hopes were high as I coated the whole thing in Modge Podge. Again. And again. And again.

Not Enough Modge Podge in the World to Save This

After about the 4th coat and continual supervision while drying (looking for errant washi corners), it seemed like I had a successful project despite the struggles. I was wrong.

First, I picked up the mousepad and it flexed. The washi tape did not like that. But I took the mousepad to my desk anyway, determined I could make it work. All it took was less than ten minutes and up came the washi corners, one by one. Boo.

Facing the Failure of My Washi Tape Mousepad

Sad Conclusions Regarding Washi Tape Mousepads

I did test my mouse on the washi tape mousepad, and it did still function. But clearly this washi tape project was just not meant to be. So take it from me, washi fans: mousepads are not worth your time. Save your washi for another project; just order a cuter mousepad.

I am bummed, but hey- what is life without a few lessons?