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Washi Tape Decorated Building Blocks: An Update

An Update on My Washi Tape Decorated Large Building Blocks

One of my more successful crafts has continued to be useful and entertaining, so I thought we were due for an update!

Washi Tape Decorated Building Blocks

If you recall my project from back in May, I took all of my son’s large building blocks and wrapped each one in a coordinating washi tape. He was delighted by the surprise and continues to enjoy them! As months of play have worn on, however, some of the blocks have begun to lose their washi tape décor.

I did recommend applying Modge Podge to seal the ends of the tape down, but it seems even that could not prevent the inevitable curling up of the edges. Fortunately for me, instead of tearing the tape to shreds and sticking it onto everything, my son simply removes the tape that no longer sticks and throws it in the trash. It is what happens next, however, that is truly hilarious.

Washi Tape Preference Starts at a Young Age

I was working away one day, my son playing nearby, when he came up to me with a bare building block. He insisted it needed tape (RIGHT NOW, of course) and when I went to reach for the same tape I had applied initially, he had something to say. He did not want THAT tape. Silly me!

It turns out my son has quite the preference in washi tapes, and now insists on selecting a new washi tape each time a block loses its original tape.

Update Washi Tape Building Blocks with My Son's Choices

He does select some of my tapes, as you can see by this sampling of updated blocks. What he does have, that I find hilarious, is a special love of Simply Gilded washi tapes.  He only rarely selects a tape I picked up from Michaels or some other non-boutique source.

At our current rate of replacement – about one a week – he will soon have a completely varied and unique set of building blocks!

A Smaller Take-Away Lesson

As I have watched the washi tape rotation of the blocks, I am finding that the Modge Poged blocks v. plain blocks I made in a hurry have little to no difference in longevity. Who knew? So I have stopped even bothering with Modge Podge, and now relish our time carefully selecting the next washi tape.

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