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Washi Tape Decorated Building Blocks

Children's Large Building Blocks Decorated with Washi Tape

Decorating children’s large building blocks with washi tape is something I recommend for anyone who entertains small children. Minimal Effort + Large Payout = Major Win in my book.

Combining Two Good Things: Washi Tape and Large Building Blocks

My young son, like so many other children out there, absolutely adores his large building block set. The oversized blocks are easy enough for him to manipulate on his own and can keep him entertained for long (eh, long-ish) periods of time. He loves these blocks, ergo I love these blocks. As with all things I love, I asked myself the key question: how can I add washi tape to this? The answer was both surprisingly simple and hugely rewarding. Read on to learn about our new-and-improved building blocks!

Washi Tape Decorated Building Blocks Supplies

Washi Tape (I chose one or two rolls for each color of block in our set, sometimes with varying widths. Go with whatever makes sense to you.)

Children’s large building blocks, clean (Our set has 80 pieces, which is PLENTY for us.)

Modge Podge and brush (Optional)

Large building blocks prior to washi tape decoration

Creating Your Washi Tape Decorated Building Blocks

I completed this whole task during one naptime because it involves scissors and my little one HAS to have whatever I’m working with. If your littles are a bit older and more trustworthy, it could be fun to invite them to participate! I started by selecting my washi tapes. I chose to pair the colors of the tape as closely as I could to the colors of blocks, but I’m matchy-matchy like that. You want to put green tape on your purple building blocks? You do you!

Pairing washi tapes with your large building blocks

Next, I sat down, music playing and cool drink on hand, and wrapped each one of 80 pieces with the washi tape, slightly overlapping the beginning and end of tape each time. That is it. That is the whole tutorial. We’re done here.

Washi tape decorated large building blocks

Okay, there is a bit more. But not much, really! My son was over the moon with his washi tape decorated building blocks. They turned out to be a great conversation starter about colors, patterns, and shapes. I thought they looked pretty snazzy!

Perfecting the Washi Tape Decorated Building Blocks

After about a week of heavy play, tape on approximately 30% of the pieces began to curl up at the ends. This seemed to be more about amount of use and less about specific tapes being stickier than others. To stop the problem before I began finding tiny, torn pieces of washi tape stuck all around my house, I preemptively “sealed” down the end of the tape on each building block with a small swipe of Modge Podge. Painting Modge Podge over the entire length of tape on each piece seemed unnecessary and, honestly, really time consuming.  Since the Modge Podge addition we have seen several more days of thorough building block play and I have had zero other issues. (Except, of course, that when I did this project I was apparently missing about 10 of the 80 pieces. My son keeps producing them one at a time from who-knows-where, insisting they be decorated RIGHT NOW. I’m taking that as a compliment!)

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