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Washi Tape Covered Binder Clips

  • 3 min read

These washi tape covered binder clips have all the components of my favorite crafts: quick to make, easy to execute, and a huge visual payoff. Win! Read on to see how simple it is to create some of your own!

Washi Tape Covered Binder Clips Supplies

Binder clips (I used a pack of the small size)

Washi tape (I discuss the merits of various widths a little farther down)

Small scissors

Skinny popsicle stick (or mechanical pencil, or anything that can be used as a “pusher” tool into the body of your binder clip)

Supplies for Washi Tape Covered Binder Clips

Making Washi Tape Covered Binder Clips: The Basics

Making these adorable binder clips with washi tape really just boils down to 4 steps. I’m still going to elaborate on everything I learned making mine, but just for craft-cautious out there: it really is dead simple.

Step 1: Cut washi strips that are one and a half times as long as the body of your binder clip. These small binder clips are 1”, so I cut 1.5” washi strips. You will (in general) need 2 washi strips per binder clip you would like to decorate.

Cutting Washi for Covering Binder Clips

Step 2: Take one washi strip, center it on the binder clip lengthwise, and begin laying it at the edge of the binder clip closets to the loops. Really try and get the washi flush with the binder clip edge, you will thank yourself later. Next, fold the remainder up and over the top of the binder clip.

Begin to Cover Your Binder Clips with Washi Tape

Step 3: At each “crease” in the excess washi tape (where the washi is folded over to the top of the binder clip), make a small snip in the tape all the way to the binder clip edge. Repeat on the other side. Your washi tape should look like the picture below.

Cutting the Washi Tape to Cover Your Binder Clips

Step 4: Using your popsicle stick, begin to push the washi tape into the body of the binder clip, smoothing it out against the inside. I recommend folding in both of the “top” edges first, followed by the “body” edges.

Finished Washi Tape Covered Binder Clips

Repeat these 4 steps on the opposite side of the binder clip and voila! You have created a beautiful, functional washi tape covered binder clip!

Using 15mm Washi Tape and Small Binder Clips

In the above tutorial pictures, I used 15mm washi tape. That width covered just over half of each small binder clip with a very narrow area of overlap on the top. Overall, 15mm is the size I would recommend for this project: easy to use, virtually no drawbacks.

Using 10mm Washi Tape and Small Binder Clips

If you have your heart set on a 10mm washi tape for your binder clips, you have two choices:

  1. Use 2 strips of washi, one for each side, and leave the top of the binder clip uncovered.
  2. Use 3 strips of washi, one for each side and one for the top.

In either case, you will not need to snip the washi tape excess, like in step 3, as it does not fold over the top. Simply skip the cutting and proceed straight to tucking the washi into the binder clip body. If you choose to go the 3-strip method, lay the top washi strip down first then tuck those ends into the binder clip before continuing. Either way, the result is another polished, fancy looking binder clip.

10mm Washi Tape on a Small Binder Clip

Using 20mm Washi Tape and Small Binder Clips

It is possible to use a wider washi tape to cover your binder clips. You would use the same steps as the above tutorial, but the end result will be different from the 15mm version. The 20mm tape wraps completely over the top and even slightly to the opposite side of the small binder clips, meaning each clip will have an exposed “edge” on one of the sides. Now, while this is hardly noticeable, it was my personal least favorite of the binder clips I produced. The choice is yours.

Using 20mm Washi to Cover Small Binder Clips

Go Forth and Create Your Own Washi Tape Covered Binder Clips

Now that you know the technique, go nuts! I certainly did. I broke out several different tapes until I had covered every binder clip in my possession. My personal favorite was this marbled washi version:

Marbled Washi Tape Covered Binder Clips

Doesn’t that look nice?!? So spice up your paperwork clip, headphone holder, sewing accessory- whatever a binder clip is to you, it will be even more likeable with washi tape. Tag me on your posts so I can see how great you did!

Washi Tape Covered Binder Clips