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Washi Tape and Paper Plate Treat Basket Tutorial

  • 3 min read

Alright, after the total flop of my last washi project (RIP, washi tape mousepad) I wanted something that was a SURE thing this week. So, behold one of my secret weapons: the washi tape and paper plate treat basket!

This craft is super simple but looks really clever, which is the way I try to live my life 100% of the time. So if you love giving treats to friends this is the craft for you!

Supplies for Washi Tape and Paper Plate Treat Basket

Paper plate (mine are 9” generic brand, nothing fancy)

Scissors (bench your baby scissors this week, this is a job for regular scissors)

Scotch tape

Washi tape

Ruler (optional)

Washi Tape and Paper Plate Basket Supplies

Quick Disclaimer and a Pro Tip

I have used purple marker to indicate cut lines and red marker to indicate fold lines in this project. I would NOT recommend marking your own paper plate; it will be totally visible. These marks are just to help make it clear what is going on, for tutorial purposes.

Pro Tip: Do not stress if your cuts and/or folds for this are not 100% even and perfect. (You will notice my guidelines certainly are not.) This is a VERY forgiving project! One side of your basket a little higher than the other? Make that the backside. Boom! Done. Seriously, folks: no stress on this one.

The Small Sides First

The first step is to make 4 cuts into your plate as indicated by the purple lines. For reference, I cut in from the edge of plate to the edge of the “middle”, which is about 1 ¾”. Then I spaced my parallel cut for each side about 1 ½” from the first. But the truth? If I was not making this tutorial, I would not have measured. Eyeball it all the way!

Initial Cuts for the Paper Plate and Washi Tape Treat Basket

Fold each of these small sides in, like the picture below, then smooth flat again.

Folding Small Sides for the Washi Tape and Paper Plate Treat Basket

Now the Larger Sides

Next, you are going to fold your not-quite-halves of the plate in towards the center, so that the bottom of this fold lines up with a purple cut on each edge. Smooth flat. Repeat with the other side.

Folding the Larger Sides of the Washi Tape and Paper Plate Treat Basket

At this point, you should have created folds on each of the red lines marked in this picture:

Checking the Folds for the Washi Tape and Paper Plate Treat Basket

Creating the Basket

Pro Tip: Before starting your final basket folds, get yourself two 1 ½” pieces of scotch tape ready to go. I tried using my tape runner for this: it does not work. Scotch tape is your friend here. (You can cover it up with washi tape anyway.)

Turn the plate so one of the small sides is pointing towards you. Fold the small side to standing. Fold each of the larger halves upwards, overlapping their corners, until the cut edges touch your work surface. Secure with a pieces of scotch tape.

First Assembled Side of the Washi Tape and Paper Plate Treat Basket

Repeat on the other side then decorate with washi tape as desired. All done!

Finished Washi Tape and Paper Plate Treat Baskets

Fill Your Washi Tape and Paper Plate Treat Basket

This basket has a generous capacity, perfect for holding cookies or other small baked treats. You can always change the size by adjusting how far apart your parallel “purple” cuts are: wider apart will give you a larger basket base with lower sides, for example.

Filled Washi Tape and Paper Plate Treat Basket

I especially love this craft because I get to give someone a treat without just handing them cookies on a regular paper plate. No worries about getting your plate back, either! Just bake, make this washi tape and paper plate treat basket, give, and forget about it!

I’d love to see your treat baskets filled with goodies! Tag me @WashiTapeWarrior in your Instagram posts so I can drool over your confections (and washi tape choices, of course)!