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Washi Tape and Ephemera Bookmark: 2 of 2

  • 3 min read

In my quest for the perfect bookmark, I took it upon myself to create something I would love. Join me for this two-part series in which I’ll detail what went right, what could have gone better, and my general search for bookmark Nirvana.

Washi Tape Bookmark Attempt 2:

After an admittedly successful first round with making my own washi tape bookmark, I decided it still needed more refining. Chiefly, it bugged me that the back of my first bookmark was blank. I set out to remedy that WITHOUT having to wrap washi tape around anything, because in my opinion that is just too time consuming and too frustrating. My supplies were identical to my first bookmark:

  • Washi Tape (I used 3 rolls for this bookmark; use however many makes you happy!)
  • Ephemera Decorations (Just 1 piece this time, but you do you)
  • Cardstock
  • Scissors/Cutting Implements
  • Adhesive (I used a tape runner, but regular tape or glue could work fine)
  • Lamination Supplies (optional)

Creating a Two-Sided Washi Tape Bookmark

I liked the final size of 2” by 6” for my first bookmark, so with a rough plan in mind I cut my cardstock to 4” by 6” for this attempt. In order to avoid wrapping the washi tape I decided to decorate a piece of cardstock twice as wide as I wanted my finished bookmark, then fold the cardstock in half to create a finished front and back.

Supplies for a Double Sided Washi Tape Bookmark

Important Tip: As you can see in the picture, I put a crease in my cardstock prior to beginning my washi tape. This is a critical step! Getting a neat, straight fold on cardstock is semi-difficult as is, even more so once you have layered it down with washi tape. Fold your cardstock in half to the desired size, make a great crease, then unfold and proceed to decorate however you see fit.

Beginning to Decorate the Bookmark with Washi Tape

Just like last time, when I had covered the entire front of my bookmark in tape I used a rotary cutter and mat to trim the excess washi tape edges. Here I found that trimming a very minor edge from the cardstock to support the washi tape was much easier and more effective than just trying to trim the washi tape to the existing edge.

Washi Tape Bookmark with Uneven Edges that Need to be Trimmed

I ran some adhesive from my tape runner along one inside panel of my bookmark, then folded the whole piece so that the decorated side became the front and back. Despite my careful pre-creasing efforts, I noticed upon folding that everything did not line up 100%. I did a quick trim with my rotary cutter to banish the visible white edges. Then I attached my ephemera using my tape runner and laminated the entire thing. Lamination is a little less optional with this version. Though I’m sure you could still do without, I really liked that laminating “sealed” the bookmark closed, so to speak.

Finished, Laminated Washi Tape Bookmark

What I Learned from Washi Tape Bookmark #2

My end result was a beautiful bookmark that had decoration on both sides! Woo hoo! Now, the back of the ephemera piece is technically blank, but if I wanted to avoid that I could have used two identical, symmetrical pieces placed back to back (or just kept my ephemera on the bookmark itself, instead of protruding above).

This FINALLY seems to have sated my “perfect bookmark” itch: it is a great size, decorated front and back, and I love it because I got to use some of my favorite things. Win! So what about you? If you decide to try your hand at a bookmark, tag me on Instagram @WashiTapeWarrior – I would love to see your creations!