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Washi Leaf Décor Craft

  • 2 min read

This craft brought to you by: the super interesting stick I found near my house! (Seriously. I found it and was like “what can I do with this cool stick?”) I decided to make a simple décor piece, and I think it is an affordable craft y’all will enjoy as well!

Supplies for Decorative Washi Leaf Craft

Sticks (I gathered a total of 4, ended up using 2)

Candle votive (or other home for your sticks)

Washi tape (assorted, could be themed for holidays or other events)


Scissors, small and large

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Supplies for Washi Tape Leaf Decor Project

Sizing Up Your Sticks for Crafty Purposes

Here’s the story: I found one extra-huge stick outside. I dragged it into my garage and spent some time picking out the pieces of it I like best (which was a total of 4 sticks, approx. 1 foot long each). Once I was back inside and found my desired stick-containment vessel, I began stacking up the stick to find which ones looked best together (read: gave me the best variety of heights). Now, stick decisions made, I was ready to move on to the washi tape.

Starting Your Washi Tape Leaves

I took my sheet of cardstock and cut out several 2” strips. Starting with one cardstock strip, I began laying my washi tape in sections 1 or 2 pieces wide.

Laying Washi on Cardstock to Create Leaves

I continued until the entire strip of cardstock was covered in washi tape.

Cardstock Covered in Washi Tape to Create Leaves

Then, I flipped the cardstock strip over and repeated the exact same process on the opposite side. (Note: Make sure your arrangement of washi tape matches the front, so your leaves have the same color front and back.) Once that is completed, trim the excess washi tape from each edge. Your cardstock should look very bookmark-esque at this point.

Cardstock Covered in Washi Tape to Make Leaves

Cutting Your Washi Tape Leaves

Now, with larger scissors, I began to cut free-hand, oblong leaf shapes out of my washi covered cardstock. Yes, I’m sure they make a leaf-shaped punch. I did not already own one and did not feel this project justified the expense. Soon, after cutting two 2” washi covered cardstock strips, I had a substantial pile of washi tape leaves.

Pile of Washi Tape Leaves

Applying Your Washi Tape Leaves

Once my glue gun was preheated, I went to town adding leaves to my sticks. I placed my sticks in this spiffy, golden, mini milk jug then began working from the base of the sticks to the tips. For each leaf I put down the smallest dot of glue my glue gun could manage, then held the leaf at my desired angle/placement for 10-15 second until it was secure.

Finished Washi Tape Leaf Decor

Viola! A colorful piece of décor that I made completely from things I around the house.

This could be a fun craft to do with kids, too! Depending on their age and reliability, you will want to supervise (or possibly take over) the hot gluing. So give this one a shot and tag me Instagram @WashiTapeWarrior with your results – I would love to see how you made it your own!