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Washi-Decorated Shaker Toy

  • 3 min read

Today is for the littles in your life: they are going to love this washi-decorated shaker toy! I am 99% sure you already own everything to make at least a couple of these guys, so knocking it out should not be a problem. Keep this one in your back pocket for the next play date or rainy day- it is sure to be a hit!

Supplies from Washi-Decorated Shaker Toy

Toilet paper roll (1 each for however many you feel like making)

Washi tape (bonus points if it coordinates with your party theme or is your little’s favorite color!)


Scotch tape

Lentils (or any other dried pantry staple: beans, popcorn, rice, etc.)

Supplies for Washi Tape Decorated Shaker Toy

Decorating Your Toilet Paper Tube with Washi Tape

I have said it before, but I will say it again: I do not like wrapping washi tape around things. At all. It is time consuming and difficult to get things to line up nicely. So, for sanity’s sake, I suggest laying your washi tape down in straight lines. (If you are just feeling fancy, go diagonal; it will still be easier than wrapping.)

Applying Washi Tape to your Toilet Paper Tube

When cutting your washi tape strips, be sure to leave at least half an inch hang over on each end to be folded inside the tube; this helps ensure the tape stays where you put it. Then, just keep on going until the entire tube is covered!

Toilet Paper Tube Completely Covered in Washi Tape

Sealing the First End of the Tube

Pinch one end of your toilet paper tube so that it forms a neat, even seam like you see below.

Sealing the Toilet Paper Tube

Next, tape that seam securely using scotch tape. I pulled a piece much longer than what I needed so I could trim off the excess (instead of worrying about making it all the way across). Trim the overhanging edges of scotch tape.

End Sealed with Scotch Tape

Repeat that process, on the same seam, and cover the scotch tape with washi tape. (Happy with how your shaker looks with just scotch tape? Then feel free to skip this step and move on!)

End Sealed with Washi Tape

Adding the “Shake” to Your Washi-Decorated Shaker Toy

Add about 2 tablespoons of lentils to your tube. As seen in the picture, you want to leave plenty of space for:

  1. Room to allow the lentils to shake in.
  2. Your sanity when trying to close the other end of the shaker.

Filling the Tube with Your Dry Ingreident

Sealing the Second End of the Tube

Pinch the second end of the tube closed to create another even seam. IMPORTANT: Make sure your second seam runs perpendicular to your first seam! When executed as shown in the picture, this creates the perfect pocket for your lentils to shake in. If both your seam run the same direction it will not be as effective at producing the shaker sound.

Sealing the Second End the Opposite Direction from the First End

Seal the second end of the tube exactly the same way as the first: with scotch tape, then washi tape. Pro tip: Do not get your fingers all caught up in the scotch tape and dump all the lentils out onto the floor. I’m not saying that happened to me, I’m just saying dried lentil keeps turning up despite how many times I vacuum.

Finished Washi Tape-Decorated Shaker Toy

And you are done! Mine took (vacuuming aside) ten minutes to make, tops. And I was taking all these photos for y’all. You can seriously knock these out in no time!

Finished Washi Tape-Decorated Shaker Toy

I hope you will give these shaker toys a try and tag me on Instagram @WashiTapeWarrior so I can see how well you did! Until next time!