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TP Roll “Troll” Doll Washi Tape Craft

TP Roll “Troll” Doll Washi Tape Craft

Looking for a simple craft you can do with the littles in your life that they will then play with for ages? These Toilet Paper Roll “Troll” dolls at just the thing! Inspired by those big-haired dolls of the 80's (and recent movie reboot), these goofy friends are sure to be a hit!

TP Roll “Troll” Doll Craft Supplies

Toilet paper rolls

Washi tape (the more outrageously colorful or patterned the better, in my opinion)


Scissors (an appropriate style for whoever is doing the craft)

Supplies for Toilet Paper Roll "Troll" Washi Tape Craft

Creating Your Washi Tape “Trolls”

While I’m sure you can infer from the finished product just how simple these are to put together, let me show you how I did mine. First, I drew on funny faces! The closer to the bottom of the tube, the more ridiculous (and better) the hair is.

Faces for TP Roll Washi Tape Trolls

Next, for each “Troll” I began applying strips of washi tape to cover from just above the face to the top of the tube, folding a bit over to the inside of the tube to prevent the washi tape from curling away.

 Applying Washi Tape Hair to the "Troll"

Repeat until the hair is fully washi taped.

TP Troll with Washi Tape Hair

Next, using scissors, cut from the top of the hair down to almost the hairline. Repeat all the way around, every ¼ inch or so, until you have all the hair “strands.”

Finished TP Roll Washi Tape Troll

Ta-da! Fun, funky little “Trolls” that are perfect for adventuring.

TP Roll Washi Tape Troll Buddies

Making Your Own?

If you give this craft a try I would love to see how yours turn out! Tag me on Instagram @washitapewarrior!

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