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Succulent Washi Tapes

  • 2 min read

Succulents are adorable little plants, so what happens when you make adorable plants into adorable washi tape? ADORABLE OVERLOAD! Read on to learn more.

Washi Tape Warrior Succulent Washi Tapes

succulent cactus cacti washi tape

Succulents are some amazing house plants, but you know what is NOT amazing? Trying to keep them alive when your thumb is anything less than 100% green. So incorporate splashes of succulent joy into your life and paper crafting projects with the Washi Tape Warrior Succulent Skinny Washi collection! All the fun, geometry, and colors of succulents but none of the watering. To add versatility to your stash, the Succulent collection features several color variations to always have the perfect plant (er, tape) for the job! If you want a combination of all the succulents try the Succulent Super Skinny Mix. Love the combos, but need more of it AND shiny things? The Succulent Mix with Gold is for you. Want a rainbow of succulents, each isolated to show of their unique charm? Succulent Rainbow Line is the perfect choice. Add in the Cool Variety and Warm Variety of Succulent washi tapes and you have 5 gorgeous, versatile rolls you will use again and again. Order today!

Skinny Washi Tape for the Win

Washy Tape Kitty Cat Yarn Ball Washi paw prints

Cannot get enough skinny washi tapes in your life? We here at Washi Tape Warrior know the feeling! So be sure to shop our full collection of Skinny Tapes to find exactly what you are after- and maybe a couple extra pieces, too! Celebrate a love of cats or yarn or both with rolls from the Cats Skinny Washi collection. Want to highlight your best events, ideas, or lettering? You will want the Frames Skinny Washi Tapes to quickly add an elegant, custom-sized frame to any project. With washi tapes this skinny, the options are limitless!

So whether you love succulents or the idea of succulents, be sure to order some Succulent Washi Tape today!