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Skinny Washi from Washi Tape Warrior

  • 2 min read

Washi Tape Warrior has a great selection of skinny washi tape, perfect for adding a touch of flair to tight spaces. Read on to learn more!

Skinny Washi Tape 101

Rainbow Color Washi Tape with Watercolor EffectIf you are new to the washi tape world (Welcome! So glad you made it!) “skinny” might not mean much to you. Though most rolls all have around 10 meters of tape in length, washi tape can come in a variety of widths. The most common width for washi tape tends to be 15mm, equivalent to just over half an inch. There are certainly some bigger rolls our there, too! But the style options in thinner width tapes can be fewer and farther between. That is why we here are Washi Tape Warrior have released an entire collection focused solely on skinny washi! These tapes range from 3mm to 5mm in width and are ideal for almost any situation.

Using Skinny Washi Tape

Picture Frame Style Washi Tape

Where is the best place to use skinny washi tapes? The short answer: everywhere! If you just need a touch of color, a thin border, or a quick dividing line these tapes are ready to go. They can also be combined and layered to take up more room. The key here is options! With skinnier washi tape you have nearly limitless choices. Looking to color code things for days of the week? Watercolor Rainbow or Scribbles each have the full ROYGBIV at your disposal. Want to highlight moments in your journal, scrapbook, or planner? The Frames collection has elegant choices in delightful, shiny foils perfect for drawing the eye. Let the full range of our Washi Tape Warrior Skinny Washi Tape spark your creativity!

No matter what your washi tape needs may be, Washi Tape Warrior has you covered. Order today to begin enjoying our fast shipping and friendly customer service!