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          Identify Your Charging Cables with Washi Tape

Using washi tape to designate your charging station cords can make a world of difference in ease of use. Read on to learn more!

Washi Tape Charging Station Supplies

Washi tape (a distinctly different roll for each charger you have)


Disinfecting wipes

Twist ties (optional, but recommended)

Creating a Coordinated Charging Station with Washi Tape

Washi tape works in so many ways, but few applications are as simple yet as effective as using it to organize your charging stations cords. Even starting with a brand-new extension cord, when I got everything together it still looked a huge old mess.

Charging Cords Prior to Washi Tape Ogranization

Yep, this is my real life and those and my real life cords: mismatched, old, tangled and all. After seeing them up close, the first thing I did was give everything a quick cleaning with a disinfecting wipe. I’m not going to get into it, but I will say this: you should too. Then I sorted everything out to have a better idea of what I was working with.

Supplies for Creating a Washi Tape Organized Charging Station

From there, it really was just as simple as wrapping each charger and coordinating cord with washi tape. I went with different metallics for this charging station to help me quickly identify which cord I’m after. I would not recommend using anything too similar here, difference is your friend. The last thing I did was gauge how long I need each cord to be, then wrap the excess up with a twist tie. This keeps there from being a jumble of cords every time you look that direction. All in all, it ended up nice and tidy looking.

Finished Charging Station Organized with Washi Tape

Charging with Ease- All Thanks to Washi Tape

Now I can always pick out just which charger I’m looking for (or, more realistically, trying to tell my friend which one she can plug her phone in with). This has the added bonus of, should you need to travel with any of these chargers, keeping them easy to distinguish straight out of your suitcase.