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          Scribble the Rainbow with Washi Tape Warrior

Rainbows are truly fantastic, so what better way to incorporate them into your current project than with Washi Tape Warrior rainbow washi tapes? Read on to learn more!

Watercolor Rainbow

Washy Tape Rainbow Skinny Tapes

Watercolor painting is such a delicate, organic art form… that I struggle with immensely. The ratio of water-to-paint, the pressure of the brushstrokes, the pre wetting of the paper (or over wetting, in my case) are all weak points in my game. You know what I do NOT struggle with? Putting the perfect watercolor accent on my planner with the Watercolor Rainbow skinny washi tapes! Whether I am using a bit of each shade for the full rainbow effect or selecting one or two to compliment an existing theme, these are a great addition every time. The skinny 7mm width of this tape means it fits perfectly for small tasks, like dividers, and layers tremendously to decorate larger spaces. So add a splash of watercolor without getting out a paintbrush- order Watercolor Rainbow washi tapes today!

Scribbles the Rainbow, (Washi) Tape the Rainbow

Washy Tape Scribble Lines in Rainbow Colors

The word ‘scribble’ brings a variety of things to mind: coloring outside the lines, joyful additions, frustrated enhancements. What ever way you are defining scribble today, the Washi Tape Warrior Scribbles skinny washi is here in a full rainbow of colors for your use! Want to add a youthful flair to your paper crafting project? Violet Scribbles is here for you. Want to emphasize something exciting in your planner? Yellow Scribbles is all about that. Had to cancel anticipated plans? Red Scribbles is on the job. The delightful, enigmatic nature of the scribble means that it can be whatever you want it to be! So treat yourself to the full ROYGBIV rainbow of Scribbles skinny washi tape from Washi Tape Warrior.

While rainbows are particularly poignant in June, these tapes truly hold year-round usefulness. Order your rainbow washi tapes from Washi Tape Warrior today!