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Planner Event FAQs

  • 7 min read

Hey planner friends! Doing anything for the first time can be intimidating, I can attest to that firsthand. In order to help everyone - regardless of experience – feel more comfortable and prepared heading into our Planners Unite Party, I’ve put together a handy list of frequently asked questions! I have done my best to cover as many points as I can think of, but if there is something you are still wondering PLEASE comment below and let me know! I will be happy to answer and add it to the overall list.

What exactly IS a planner event/conference/meet up/party/convention?

While they can go by many different names, planner events both big and small are popping up all over the country. In our experience – as both vendors and attendees to a wide variety of events – each one is a fun, unique experience where you make new friends! Overall, planner events can vary greatly from one to the next depending on the vision of the event coordinators: some are all-in on teaching you new things via a variety of workshops, some are more laid back social gatherings, and some are all about shopping and discovering new vendors.

This Planners Unite event is a party full of all the things our planner community loves – great friends, fun ideas, games and prizes, raffles, a special poem gift, and awesome vendors. You might even get some planning done!

For Planners Unite Party we have curated a schedule that includes our favorite things, and we cannot wait to enjoy everything together with y’all! Our official event schedule will be releasing soon, and I will add the link here when it is posted.

Is it ok to come even if I won’t know anyone else there?

Yes, yes, yes! Planner events are an EXCELLENT place to make new friends who share your love of all things planning! While it can seem daunting to walk into a room of total strangers, I promise you will not be lacking for companionship. Throughout the course of the Planners Unite Party’s games, activities, and planning time you will meet some amazing new friends. Please do not let the fear of coming alone hold you back! If attending still seems daunting, why not reach out to the Planners Unite Attendee FB group members? Odds are, if you ask, you can make some connections with new folks before you’ve ever set foot in the event!

Why is the event split over two days? Do I have to attend both?

The Planners Unite Party is split over two days because there was just too much fun to fit into a single day! The Friday Fling will be a great opportunity for everyone to break the ice and get to know one another, so heading into our full-day Saturday we are all already friends! The perfect starting ground for solo attendees.  Your single ticket covers admission to both Friday and Saturday, so attendance at both is recommended, but you are free to come and go as you choose.

Do I need to arrive early?

Being a smidge early is, in my opinion, never a bad thing. Do you need to queue up hours in advance of the start time? Certainly not.

Are the seats assigned?

Seats at the Planners Unite Party are not assigned and will be taken on a first-come-first-served basis. Our venue will have several rounds of 8 people each and those who want to find seats together should not have trouble.

I have a physical/dietary restriction, can I still attend?

If you have any concerns surrounding a specific restriction, please reach out to us individually so we can address those specifically. Most likely accommodations can easily be made.

Do I need a paper copy of my ticket?

No, you should not need a paper copy of your purchase confirmation.  If you are/have been receiving our update emails, then we have your name on our list.  If you haven’t received any update emails, then please find your purchase confirmation transaction number on your original purchase email.  It will be similar to:  WTW-####.  Contact us and we will confirm that your name is added to our list.

What should I bring with me?

Ah, perhaps the single hardest question to answer. In additional to the game play and other fun surprises the Planners Unite Party will feature designated time for planning, socializing, and shopping so I suggest being lightly prepared for all 3. What do I mean by “lightly”? I might bring enough supplies to plan a week or two, but there is no need to bring your whole stash. Some folks will buckle down and plan away, while others might prefer to chat with their fellow attendees and admire each other’s previous spreads. Plus, with the great vendor turn out and swag bag you are sure to find some exciting new items you want to use right away. Bring whatever feels comfortable to you, and plan to leave with more than you brought.

Do I have to stay in the event hotel to participate in the event?

No, you are not in any way required to stay in the event hotel. For convenience and its prime location a room at the event hotel is hard to beat! But if you are local and prefer to drive in, or are choosing to stay at another hotel, that is perfectly fine. The hotel offers complimentary valet to all Planners Unite Party guests.

What is the $10 Planner Gift Exchange Game during the Friday Fling?

This is going to be a fun, light-hearted gift-swap game that will help us all break the ice Friday evening! To play, all you have to do is bring a wrapped, planner related gift with a value of $10. Everyone who plays will leave with a mystery gift from someone else and a new familiarity with their fellow attendees. While participation in this gift exchange game is totally optional, it is highly encouraged because it will be a blast!

What are swaps?

Swaps are small items you’ve made/purchased to trade with your fellow attendees. These entirely optional mini gifts can help you meet new people, share your social media info, and collect some tiny treasures! Swaps I’ve seen have been anything and everything, but here are some general suggestions: a small sheet of stickers/ a single medium sticker, a decorative paperclip, a bookmark, candy (a small bag of mini treats is usually very popular!), individual pens, a keychain, or small vinyl decal. While some folks will set the goal of having one swap for every attendee, others choose a fixed amount they feel comfortable with (15-30, perhaps) and know that they’ll run out eventually. Many people choose to include their social media info as part of their swaps so people can keep in touch with them after the event. Again: swaps are an optional part of this event, and not having swaps is not a big deal.

What are tablemate gifts?

Tablemate gifts are something you give to the other folks sitting at your table with you, should you choose to do so. Since there is a finite number of people sitting at any one table (our event will have tables of 8, including yourself, so bring 7) people tend to make these gifts slightly larger than swaps. Table mate gifts have an even wider scope of possible choices than swaps do, but here are some general suggestions: a small goodie bag of planner supplies (a pen, sticky notes, a paperclip, etc), something snack-based (a full sized candy bar, or a collection of mini candy bars, or a granola bar, etc.), or a cute cup, bag or other small container for planner supplies. Many people choose to include their social media info as part of their tablemate gifts so people can keep in touch with them after the event. Again: tablemate gifts are an optional part of this event, and it is fine to not have them.

What is de-stash?

De-stash is another optional addition to your packing list. Do you have quality items (such as stickers, stamps, or other planner supplies) at home that you just aren’t going to use? Maybe it is a sticker sheet from which you’ve used your favorite three stickers, but don’t really love the rest. Maybe it is some rolls of washi tape you’ve had your fill of using. Maybe it is that pen set you used once and realized just didn’t suit you. If you have items you think could serve someone else instead of taking up space in your life, feel free to bring those as de-stash! There will be a designated area where everyone is welcome to deposit their de-stash items. Then, throughout the day, everyone else can look these pieces over to see if there is something that they might like to have. De-stash is a completely free, non-structured exchange of supplies. The general rule of thumb is that you are welcome to collect as many de-stash items as you have contributed. De-stash tables can tend to get messy as the day goes on, but if everyone browses with careful hands we can keep it neat and shoppable for the duration of the event.

What is swag?

Swag are items every attendee receives from the event hosts, often facilitated with the help of many contributing shops. While swag is typically kept secret until the event itself, items for the swag bag have been curated with the intention of providing each attendee with fun new items (maybe even from new stores they were previously unaware of!) they can use and enjoy.

Will Wi-Fi be available during the event?

Yes, the hotel has complimentary Wi-Fi and you may log on upon your arrival to facilitate easy posting, sharing, and searching throughout the event.

Will the vendors take cash, card, or both?

While each vendor gets to decide this individually, in our experience most vendors will accept both cash and card payments.

What should I wear?

Most planner events are casual and cute! There may be games or activities that require movement, sometimes dancing. There is usually shopping in a large ballroom setting. There are always lots of photos taken.