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Pens that Write on Washi Tape

  • 2 min read

Washi Tape Warrior knows that when it comes to marking on washi tape it can feel nearly impossible to find a pen that will work- until now! Read on to learn more!

Washi Tape Marking Pens

Pen that writes on washy tape Washi Tape Warrior

Washi Tape Warrior sells a selection of pens that write perfectly on washi tape. Seem like a claim too bold to be true? Today is your lucky day, because these pens really do write on all kinds of washi tape! No more struggling the smearing, bubbling, or wiping off. Just nicely inked words or lines exactly where you put them (and nowhere else). Hop over to the washi pen product page to see a video of the ink in action! The secret is that these Pilot pens have no xylene, which typically makes them an ink/pen type used for archival purposes and therefor not super common or easy to find. In excellent news for you, however, we here at Washi Tape Warrior have found them and you can order individual pens at a very reasonable cost compared to other vendors. So if you are ready to write, draw, or otherwise mark up some washi these pens that write on washi tape are for you!

Washi Tape Accessories Galore

Washi Tape Storage Hoops Rings

If you love using washi tape enough to want to write on it, odds are you could use more of our washi tape accessories! The Washi Tape Acrylic Card is ideal for getting the perfect edge on your washi tape every time. The sturdy, extra thick card gets a clean tear from the washi tape, and the see-through acrylic lets you be sure you have everything lined up exactly right. If you are taking your washi tape on the move (whether away for a meet up or just to the other room) be sure to snag one of our Washi Tape Storage Hoops to keep every roll accounted for. Each hoop has a sturdy magnetic closure that keeps your tapes contained but is easily opened and closed for swapping between designs. Available in many colors and sizes, these hoops are a must have.

No matter how you are using your washi tape be sure to grab some Washi Tape Warrior accessories today!