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Paper Fan Garland with Washi Tape Tutorial

Paper Fan Garland with Washi Tape Tutorial

Want to add some fun, dynamic décor to your next party? Look no further than this incredibly versatile Paper Fan Garland with Washi Tape! Easy to make, a breeze to customize, and a stunning final product – what is not to love?

Supplies for Paper Fan Garland with Washi Tape

Assorted washi tapes

Colored paper, cut into ~ 8” x 8” squares

Cutting implements (I used a paper cutter, small scissors, and my beloved Acrylic Washi Tape Card)

Tape runner or another strong adhesive

Supplies for Paper Fan Garland with Washi Tape

Folding Your Fans

To make nice fans you need to start with square paper, as mentioned above. However, the SIZE of square paper you start with is totally up to you- want a teeny, tiny fan garland? Go mini! Looking for dramatic? Try scrapbook sized paper! I had colored 8.5” x 11” paper on hand, so that is what I used for this project.

Using one piece of paper at a time, begin to fold accordion-style, making sure your folds are roughly as wide as your desired washi tape. I used all 15mm washi for this project, so I made my folds about 1” each. I was NOT picky here! Eyeball your widths and do not stress if a fold is not perfectly straight; you will be hard pressed to see these small imperfections in the finished product. Continue until the entire paper is folded.

Folding the Paper for Paper Fan Garland with Washi Tape

Adding Washi Tape to Your Fans

Next, begin applying washi tape strips to your folded page. I did one strip to ever other folded section, to allow for some of the colored paper to show through. You could do washi tape on every section, if you desired!

Applying Washi Tape to the Folded Paper

Trim the edges of the washi tape to line up with the edge of your paper. The Acrylic Washi Tape Card is perfect for this: simply line up where you want to cut, apply pressure to the card, and quickly tear away the excess washi tape.

Finishing Each Fan

Now fold the page back up so all the layers are stacked, then fold the stack in half so both ends meet semi-evenly. Once you have a good crease, unfold, apply the tape runner to one half of the center fold (as shown), then refold in half to join each side.

Securing the Center of Each Paper Fan

You now have a finished paper and washi tape fan!

Single Finished Paper Fan with Washi Tape

Repeat the process for all your paper squares, until each one is folded, decorated, and secured in the middle.

Completed Paper Fans, Ready to Become a Garland

Assembling the Paper Fan Garland with Washi Tape

To assemble your garland, first decide which order you would like your pieces to be in. Then, starting from the left, apply the tape runner to the outer right edge of your first fan. Take a second fan (opening the opposite direction, but still with the washi tape facing forward) and secure its left edge to the right edge of the first fan. Repeat the process, alternating which direction each fan opens, until you have a completed garland!

Beautiful Washi Tape Paper Fan Garland

Your Finished Paper Fan Garland with Washi Tape

My garland is nine fans across, resulting in roughly 3 feet of garland. And I love it! The washi tape really adds some depth and highlights the dimensional interest of the folded paper fans (as opposed to a plain, non-washi garland).

Plain to Pizzazz with Washi Tape!

Another great thing about this project? It is infinitely customizable! Make a seasonal one for your favorite holiday, deck it out in the colors of your favorite sports team, use it as part of a photo backdrop at a party – the possibilities are endless! This one just feels perfect for Spring.

Finished Paper Fan Garland with Washi Tape

Be sure to give this one a go! And I would love it if you might tag me on Instagram @washitapewarrior so I can see your super-cool finished product!

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