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No-Fold Washi Corner Bookmarks

  • 3 min read

Ever wanted one of those handy page-hugging corner bookmarks, but know that your origami skills leave much to be desired? Same here! So I found a way to make these super-handy bookmarks with NO FOLDING, decorate them with your favorite washi, and then enjoy them forever (or until your son pulls it out of your book and hides it somewhere, presumably in the trash).

Supplies for No-Fold Washi Corner Bookmarks

Envelope (you can get 2 bookmarks from each envelope)

Washi tape

Acrylic Washi Tape Card


Lamination supplies (optional, but recommended)

Supplies for No Fold Washi Tape Corner Bookmarks

Selecting Your Envelope

For this craft, we will be using the bottom two corners of any given envelope.

Corners for No Fold Washi Tape Corner Bookmarks

If pristine is a priority for you, feel free to use a brand-new envelope. Have some junk mail sitting around? Feel free to use that envelope, too! Any corners in good condition will turn out great bookmarks.

Applying the Washi Tape

Beginning with either lower corner, apply washi tape starting from the corner and moving down the envelope until you have reached a size you like for your bookmark. I went ~3” away from the corner and felt that was a manageable size.

Applying Washi Tape to your DIY Corner Bookmark

Using your Acrylic Washi Tape Card, tear the excess washi away. Given that the edge of the envelope is thicker and – in some cases – slightly rounded, I recommend extra care during this step, lest you and up with an undesirable edge. (However, when using white-backed washi on a white envelope, such as this, imperfect edges are harder to spot.)

Washi Tape Corner Bookmarks, Ready to Cut

If you do not own an Acrylic Washi Tape Card trim the excess washi with scissors to the best of your ability.

Now flip your envelope over and repeat the washi tape application process on the reverse side of the corner you started on.

Cutting Your No-Fold Washi Tape Corner Bookmark (Featuring: Other Discoveries)

Holding your envelope, use scissors to cut the washi taped corner off of the body of the envelope. Now here is where I ran into a bit of trouble: I trimmed my bookmark exactly at the edge of my washi tape on one side and felt very proud of myself. However, when I flipped the bookmark over, I discovered that my washi application on the opposite side was not as straight and level as I had thought and I had a washi-less “bald patch” on my bookmark. Oops.

Top v Bottom of Washi Tape Corner Bookmarks

Rather than starting the whole thing over, I simply filled in that area with some additional washi tape and trimmed accordingly.

Patching the Bald Spot with Washi Tape

No harm, no foul!

Side note: On the bookmark made with washi tape that has black backgrounds, you can see the imperfect edges I mentioned earlier. If I were to try this again with any non-white washi, I would recommend coloring the envelope edges with a matching marker prior to laying the washi tape down. That should help disguise any minute flaws.

Laminating Your No-Fold Washi Tape Corner Bookmarks

While Modge Podge is my usual washi-project-finisher of choice, I did not feel it was right for this application. Since this bookmark was going to be sandwiched in a book, I was concerned that Modge Podge might actually rub off on and/or damage the book in some way. Next choice: lamination!

For this project I used my Xyron Creative Station Lite to do a COLD lamination, and let me tell you why: using Xyron’s cold lamination technique lets me cut as close to my laminated piece as I want to without fear of undoing the lamination (like can happen with traditional, hot lamination methods).

Laminating the No Fold Washi Tape Corner Bookmarks

So I cranked my bookmarks through the Xryon machine, then cut them out of the resulting sheet. For the bottom edge of each bookmark (the one that needs to slide on the page) I cut right at the envelope, popping that side open. For the other two sides I trimmed a very small laminated edge.

Finished No Fold Washi Tape Corner Bookmarks

Admiring Your Finished No-Fold Washi Tape Corner Bookmarks

That is it, you are done! And now you have some snazzy bookmarks to show for it!

No Fold Washi Tape Corner Bookmark In Use

Going to give this craft a try? Please tag me on Instagram @washitapewarrior when you do, I’d love to see your creations!