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          Washi Storage Hoop from Washi Tape Warrior

Washi Tape Warrior’s newest washi solution – the Washi Storage Hoop – is now available in our online store! This handy tool is perfect for many washi situations, so read on to learn more!

Introducing the Washi Storage Hoop

Washi tape is delightful, I think we can all agree on that. What is less delightful, however, is finding ways to sort, store, and carry your washi tape that do not involve you pulling your hair out from the sheer stress of it all. In addition to our Magnetic Decorative Washi Tape Display – perfect for use at home – Washi Tape Warrior is proud to introduce you to our brand-new Washi Storage Hoop, a new washi tape solution. These sturdy hoops feature a magnetic closure that both securely keeps your washi tape on the ring while simultaneously allowing you to easily remove any roll at any given moment. And that is if you choose to remove any rolls at all! Many users find simply pulling off the section of washi tape they are after while the washi roll is still on the hoop to be just as efficient. The initial offering of hoops has three color choices (White, Black, and Marble), each offered in two sizes (4” and 6”). If you are interested in a Washi Storage Hoop in one of our custom colors, feel free to send us a message!

Advantages of the Washi Storage Hoop

The Washi Storage Hoop underwent several development phases, and we feel confident you will be just as pleased with this final version as we are! Unlike embroidery rings, which commonly involve bulky screw-closures and removing all tape ahead of the one you are looking for, the Washi Storage Ring’s closure can simply be rotated to line up with your desired roll of tape. We tested this design with many washi tapes from across multiple brands and found it to be compatible. When your Washi Storage Hoop is not begin actively used, it can easily be stored in a drawer or hung from a hook, ensuring your favorite washi tapes are always on hand.

Washi Tape Warrior – as always – has your back when it comes to solving your washi tape problems. Order your Washi Storage Hoop today!