The New Lights Page Clips are Extra Lux- and We Love It!

Trio of Lux Lights Page Clips for Planners

Never lose track of your best ideas again- mark them with our brand-new Lights Page Clips! Read on to learn more.

Three Great Bulbs to Choose From

After a grueling inter-office debate, three of our favorite bulbs from the Lights set wereTraditional Light Paper Clip for Planners selected for the honor of being made into these fantastic page clips: Traditional, Bulge, and Candle. Each one offers something unique, but they are still similar enough to be used as a coordinated set! These hand-drawn bulbs are sure to win your heart over. Just look at the loopy little filaments! How could you not be totally in love?

Built on Lux Extra-Wide Paper Clips

Each Lights Page Clip is constructed on an extra wide 2” gold paperclip for usability and, lets be honest, darn good looks. Bulge Light Paperclip for PlannersDid we mean to be that extra when we designed these? Yes, yes we did. The finished clips measure 1” wide x approx. 4” tall- perfect for being seen without being too tall and being in the way.

Double Sided- Looks Good from Any Angle

Ready for the kicker? Each of the Lights Page Clips is DOUBLE SIDED! It looks great Candle Lights Paperclip for Plannersno matter how you check it out! Plus being laminated for durability, these clips are quickly going to become your new favorites. Never worry about the front versus the back of your clip with these fantastic, double sided Lights Page Clips. One less thing, right?

Now that you are in the know about these great new page clips, what is stopping you? Order yours today for only $3!

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