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Making Adorable Washi Tape Feathers

  • 3 min read

For this week’s washi tape craft, I’m going to walk you through how I made some fantastic looking decorative feathers out of washi tape.

You Will Flip for Washi Tape Feathers

I sat down really prepared to sweat it out on this project, but it turns out that making great looking washi tape feathers is super simple! I tried three different approaches, all detailed below, and have a definite opinion about which one worked best. Benefit from my frustrations!

Washi Tape Feather Supplies

  • Washi tape (whatever rolls strike your fancy, I used all kinds!)
  • Small, sharp scissors (seriously, I tried with regular scissors and it was no good)
  • Something to create the “spine” of the feather (I tried twist ties, baker’s twine, and fishing line- read on to learn which works best)
  • A ruler (if you are finnicky like me; but also feel free to “wing” it, hahaha)

Supplies for Creating DIY Washi Tape Feathers

Steps to Create Beautiful Washi Tape Feathers

To create my washi tape feathers, I decided that a width:height  ratio of 1:3 seemed nice and proportionate. (This is by no means the scientific precedent, just a small glimpse into how much I overthink things.) So to start I cut two matching strips of washi tape, and then cut my “spine” material (first up: grocery store twist tie) just slightly shorter than my washi strips. Pro Tip: Do NOT use your tiny scissors to cut twist ties. That is a job for regular, tough scissors.

Cutting Your Materials for DIY Washi Tape Feathers

Flipping one washi piece stick-side up, I centered my twist tie piece both left to right and up and down. Pro tip: No matter what material you are using for the feather “spine,” you are going to want the tape sealed around all sides of it, hence cutting it slightly shorter.

Creating the "Spine" For Your Washi Tape Feather

Then, line up your second washi piece and sandwich it, sticky sides together, with the first piece. Press firmly to remove any pockets/wrinkles. If your line up attempts are not 100% successful, do not stress it. You can either trim away the exposed sticky edges (if they are large) or just roll with it (if they are small). I did both at several points in my feather making journey.

DIY Washi Tape Feather Assembly

Next, simply trim your washi tape into the shape of a feather: rounded on one end, slightly pointed on the other.

Cutting Into a Feather Shape for DIY Washi Tape Feathers

The final step is to add detail to the feather by cutting in small snips from each side, top to bottom (but not cutting all the way to the “spine.”) I found that cutting at an ever-so-slight angle downwards (towards the rounded end of the feather) gave me the most realistic looking results. Periodically, cut out small notches along the way- this helps give the feather texture and realistic definition.

Finished DIY Washi Tape Feather

Boom! You’re done. You have a beautiful feather… that you can totally see the green, grocery store twist tie straight through. Bummer. I repeated the same steps, once with baker’s twine and once with fishing line, to create a total of 3 similar feathers. Here is the pro/con breakdown of each:

"Spine" Material Pros  Cons
Twist Ties You can "mold" the feathers into cool shapes! The grocery store green twist tie is visible through most washi tape. (Maybe just try thin wire?)
Baker's Twine Makes great looking feathers. Does not show through washi tape. 100% would recommend. If you do not get the twine set in the middle of the tape on your first try, it can unravel when you try to move it.
Fishing Line Literally none. At all. Difficult to get the fishing line to lay flat on tape. Almost no visible definition on finished feather.

Comparison of Finished DIY Washi Tape Feathers

The Washi Tape Feather Finale

Once I decided that baker’s twine was the way to go, I had a blast creating several feathers. Then, I took those feathers and turned them into cards for my pen pals! But do not let that limit you- these fabulous washi tape feathers could work great in all kinds of applications.

Finished Washi Tape Feathers on Cards

Until next time!