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Last Minute Washi Tape Tea Light Gift

  • 3 min read

Ok, y’all: it is December 15th. Christmas is imminent, and things are starting to fall through the cracks. You’re not perfect, because nobody is! But having a trick like this Last Minute Washi Tape Tea Light Gift in your back pocket – for unexpected, gift-bearing holiday visitors, for example – could be just the hack you need to make it through this season.

Seriously: Tea Lights and Washi Tape

I made this entire gift bag in 30 minutes. While taking pictures for this blog. And cooking dinner. Without those distractions, imagine how quickly you could knock this out!?! 5 minutes, tops? I am also willing to bet that you probably already have everything you need on hand or could snag a couple items on your next trip out. Seriously: low stress lifesaver is what we are going for here. Do not over think this.

Supplies for Washi Tape Tea Light Gift

Washi tape (holiday themed or otherwise, almost any tapes will do)


Tea light candles (I used 3 large)

Small box of matches

Cellophane bag

Curling ribbon

Supplies for a Washi Tape Tea Light Gift

Washi and Candles: A Safety Tip

When selecting the washi to wrap around your tea light candles, be sure that the washi tape is NOT taller than the candle’s container. Washi sticking up above the containers lip puts it near the flame – regardless of how cute the pattern was that made you feel you HAD to use it – making it a fire hazard. Trim the washi tape down or pick a small roll.

Wrapping the Tea Lights in Washi Tape

Anyone who has read my blog knows I detest wrapping washi tape around things. I still do, but this application was small enough that it did not make me want to tear my hair out. Here is how I did it: start by applying a small section of washi tape to the tea light.

Applying Washi Tape to the Tea Light

Next, holding the tea light in one hand with the washi tape roll sitting “on top” of the tea light’s edge, begin to turn the tea light. This will result in the washi tape being transferred directly from the roll to the tea light, just a little at a time. Using this method narrows the margin for error greatly – cutting and trying to apply one long, unwieldy piece of washi tape would be very frustrating.

Applying Washi Tape to the Tea Light

One you have overlapped the start of your washi tape by at least ¼”, trim a neat end. Viola! Tea light wrapped in washi tape with minimal effort.

Washi-Wrapped Tea Lights

Add Washi Tape to the Box of Matches

Next, decorate your matches. Simply apply washi tape to the top of the tiny box of matches…

Washi Tape for the Match Box

…and trim to fit! Repeat on the opposite side but be sure to leave the “strike” areas washi tape-free.

Finished, Washi Tape Decorated Match Box

Most washi tapes are semi-transparent, and as a result you can see the design of the match box through the tape if you look hard enough. This could be avoided with thicker tape, double layers, or adding a piece of paper. I, however, was going for simplicity and time on this craft, and I think the one-layer tape looks perfectly fine.

Washi Tape Tea Light Gift is Almost Complete

Instant, Adorable Washi Tape Tea Light Gift

For a final touch, place the tea lights and match box in a cellophane bag and close with curling ribbon.

Finished Washi Tape Tea Light Gift

In the time it takes everyone to take their coats off and get settled, you have produced a totally gift-worthy washi tape craft. You go, girl!