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Introvert Washi Tape For the Win

  • 2 min read

Introverts everywhere will love the solidarity they find in these skinny washi tapes made specifically with limited social interaction in mind. Read on to learn more!

Introvert Washi Tape: Embrace Your True Self

Introvert Washi Tape Gold Foil Low Battery Washy Tapes

Introverts of the world, unite! Separately. In your own homes. People can be great, social events can be fun- in small doses with plenty of down time between them. The Introvert Washi Collection was designed to help you reflect how you truly are feeling. Long weekend with your favorite hobby/craft/movie marathon? The Full Battery skinny washi tape, glinting with gold foil, is with you in celebrating your recharge! Hard work week, difficult phone call, or just too many people talking at once? Low Battery washi tape gets it, take some time for yourself. The Life Hearts washi tape can be cut to show your “health” returning or diminishing depending on how you need to use it today. And, for those well-meaning extroverts who simply do not understand, spell it out for them with Cross Stitch Phrases: Go Away, Home is Where the People Aren’t, I’m Selectively Social. Trim the whole spread out with the adorably, ultra-skinny Cross Stitch Border and you are good to go! Introverts, be true to thyselves!

…But What if I Am Not Introverted?

Low Battery Introvert Washy Tapes Skinny Washi Tape Warrior

Excellent question! Many of these fantastic Introvert Washi Tapes can apply to all lifestyles. Perhaps you are an extrovert who had to work overtime and miss dinner with friends? Then it certainly seems like Low Battery would be the perfect choice. Cross stitchers of the world, while it seems plausible there is large overlap between that group and introverts, may simply find the Cross Stitch Border to be charming and delightful! (Side note: did you see the yarn themed washi in the Cats collection?) So while this collection was made with introverts in mind, it certainly isn’t exclusive. Everyone has their own ups and downs, grab some tape and share the love!

Washi Tape Warrior respects your individual levels of desired social interaction- buy some or all, as appropriate, of the Introvert Skinny Washi Tape Collection today!