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Galactic Battles New Releases

  • 2 min read

Fan of the epic saga Star Wars are sure to be thrilled by our latest collection, Galactic Battles. From amazing washi tapes to an incredible collab bundle, there is truly something for everyone! Read on to learn more!

Galactic Battles Collab Bundle

This ridiculously packed bundle is the product an amazing collaboration between Washi Tape Warrior, Sprouted Paper Co, and Pegatina Plans. Each shop has contributed something special, making the final product a true must-have! These limited bundles each include 5 rolls of Washi Tape Warrior’s Galactic Battles washi tape, a Quarter Sized Premium Sticker Album from Pegatina Plans (with exclusive album art!), and both a sticker sheet and diecut sticker pack portraying Sprouted Paper Co’s adorable Sprouties as some of your most-beloved characters. Purchased individually these items have a value of $39, but you can score this bundle for just $28 while it lasts! What a steal!

Amazing Galactic Battles Collab Bundle

Galactic Battles Washi Tapes

As always here at Washi Tape Warrior we have our eyes on the details, and these Galactic Battles washi tapes are no exception. Sure to delight anyone who adores galaxies far, far away this 5-tape collection is chocked full of fun! Get lost in flashing, foiled Lightsabers clashing in epic battles. Select a trusty mech companion (or seven) from the Droids roll. Contemplate the meaning of everything staring into the double sunsets of Tatooine. Evade the wickedly fast Tie Fighter squadron and their flurry of red-foiled fire. Relive perhaps the single most iconic response to a declaration of love ever seen on film, complete with character silhouettes. No matter whether you pick and chose your favorites or opt for all five, these are washi tapes you are bound to return to again and again.

Galactic Battles Washi Tapes

Now that you are up to speed, don’t be a nerf herder! Order your Galactic Battles washi tapes today!