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Fresh Out of the Oven: Bakery is Here!

  • 1 min read

Grab these while they are hot, because you do not want to miss Bakery – the newest washi tape collection from Washi Tape Warrior!

These Bakery Washi Tapes Look Good Enough to Eat

Is baking a hobby of yours? Is EATING baked goods a hobby of yours? Do you just flat-out appreciate deliciousness? Then Bakery – our newest washi tape collection – is the choice for you!

This set of 4 washi tapes, each with hints of silver foil, works equally well together and individually. Cakes is covered in all manner of frosted goodies, sure to tempt even the strongest of wills. Pies is an homage to this traditional dessert, with pies viewed from all angles to appreciate the glory. If you are looking for the perfect baking accent, Side of Pie is the one: a perfectly scalloped pie crust peeks over just a hint of pie tin. Tie everything together with the diagonal Stripes roll, rich in colors of cakes and pies.

Coordinating Bakery Die Cut Stickers

This beautiful set of 6 stickers features our favorite cakes and pies from the washi tape designs. These miniature die cut stickers – roughly 1” x 1” – are great for marking diet cheat days, celebrations, and time spent baking. Alternatively, you can use these adorable stickers in cards and gifts as well! One thing is for sure: these tasty treats are sure to be used up lickity-split!

Now that the Bakery collection has arrived, do not delay! Order your sweet new washi tapes today!