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Embellishment Washi Tape, Like Ribbon for Your Planner

  • 2 min read

Embellish washi tapes add a touch of whimsy, celebration, and fun wherever they go- so get these amazing skinny washi in your collection today!

Embellish: Fancy Ribbons in Washi Tape Form

Embellishment Embellish Washi Tape Ribbon Fancy Tape

There are plenty of times that call for a little pizzazz, and the Washi Tape Warrior Embellish skinny washi collection is here for you! Whether you are lovingly marking a special upcoming date in your planner, highlighting a wonderful surprise in your scrapbook, or just love having fun washi on hand for any project these Embellish washi tapes are the perfect choice. The delightful color palette of these tapes works well alone but even better together, practically perfect for layering into just the right amount of a “finishing touch.” Do not let the foil fool you- this is one source of sparkle that will not get glitter on everything you own! So embrace this faux-ribbon washi, the perfectly flat finishing touch in any paper project.

Solving Washi Problems!

Washi Tape Travel Ring Store Sort Carry Magnet Close Washi Tape Warrior

Here at Washi Tape Warrior we like to say we are solving washi problems! As avid washi users ourselves, we are always looking for ways to simplify the process of using your favorites tapes. Looking to get the perfect edge every time? The Washi Tape Card gives you clean edges at any angle; the clear acrylic card lets you see exactly where you are lining up. The amazing Washi Tape Pens we sell write on washi tape without smearing, a rare feat in the stationary world. Want to organize your washi tape on the go? Check out our Washi Tape Hoops! No matter how you use washi we have the perfect companion accessories.

Get your fingers ready, because with Washi Tape Warrior washi and accessories your creativity is free to roam! Order today!