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DIY Washi Tape Tassel Tutorial

  • 2 min read

Ready to make a cute accessory for your planner, purse, gift, or just about anything? Then you will love the DIY Washi Tape Tassel! This comes together with two components and two-ish tools, so on the “Can I Make This Right Now?” scale it ranks pretty high.

Supplies to Make DIY Washi Tape Tassels

Washi tape (I used 15mm)

Bakers twine (or other decorative string)

Scissors (small and large)

Ruler (optional, but recommended)

Supplies for DIY Washi Tape Tassels

Beginning Your Washi Tape Tassel

To start, cut one piece of washi tape to DOUBLE the length you would like your finished tassel to be. I wanted a petite tassel, so I cut my washi strip to 5” long.

Cutting Washi for DIY Tassels

Next, take that washi strip and fold it in half on the long edge. You should end up with a long, skinny washi strand that has no sticky edges. (If something did not quite line up feel free to trim away any exposed adhesive.)

Folding Washi Tape for DIY Tassels

Repeat that process until you have roughly 12 washi strands. (Want a chunkier tassel? Add more! Aiming for sleeker? Add less! I found 12 strands to be a nice, average tassel size.)

Finished Washi Tape Tassel Strands

Fringing Your Washi Tape Tassel

Assemble all 12 strands into a neat stack, then tie around the middle with string; trim the string ends close to the knot.

Bundling the Washi Tape Strands

Pro tip: Unlike in the photo above, I recommend placing the knot on the top center of your washi strands, not off to the side. This will allow the knot to be folded into the middle of your tassel and it virtually disappears!

Next, single out one washi strand from one half of the bundle. Cut it vertically into two pieces of fringe, stopping just short of your center knot.

Splitting the Washi Strand to Create a Fringe Effect

Repeat with each washi strand on each half of the center knot, resulting in a total of 24 cuts. Now your washi is really starting to look like a tassel!

Forming Your Washi Tape Tassel

Next, cut a roughly 8” piece of bakers twine and set aside. Fold the washi strands in half over the center knot so that the two sides meet. Between your thumb and forefinger, fan the washi fringe out to roughly what you would like your finished tassel to look like.

Fanning Out Your Washi Tape Tassel

Transfer the tassel (carefully not to condense the fanning you just did!) to your non dominant hand, holding the bottom fringe part so as to leave the top free to be tied.

Preparing to Tie the Tassel

Lay the center of your long twine piece across the center of the top of your tassel and wrap the ends opposite ways around two-to-three times. Tie a secure knot with both ends on the backside of the tassel.

Finished DIY Washi Tape Tassel

Ta-da! Then simply trim away the excess twine pieces and your DIY Washi Tape Tassel is complete!

Beautiful DIY Washi Tape Tassels

Variety of DIY Washi Tape Tassels

Once you have trouble-shot your first tassel, the following ones simply get easier and easier! With the beautiful variety of washi tapes that are available you could make such a wonderful collection of tassels! If you do decide to try this project, please tag me on Instagram @washitapewarrior because I LOVE seeing your finished pieces!