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DIY Washi Tape Jellyfish Friends

Make DIY Washi Tape Jellyfish Friends

Summer is getting into full swing, so for those of us with littles new and interesting activities are a must! Check out this super simple (yet amazingly fun) craft that is great for most ages: DIY Washi Tape Jellyfish Friends! Did I mention it only takes 4 things to make? Which you probably already have lying around?

Supplies for DIY Washi Tape Jellyfish Friends

Washi tapes, assorted

Construction paper



Supplies for DIY Washi Tape Jellyfish Friends

Starting Your DIY Washi Tape Jellyfish

On your construction paper, use your marker to draw your jellyfish head/body to its desired size. Keep in mind: you need to have enough paper below the head to make up the tentacles. I left about 1 ½ times to height of the head for my tentacles and that seemed to work out pretty well.

Starting DIY Washi Tape Jellyfish Friends

Next, simply cut out the entire shape of the head/body and the tentacle area as a single piece.

Cutting Out DIY Washi Tape Jellyfish Friends

Adding Your Washi Tape Jellyfish Tentacles

To give these jellyfish some color and personality we are going to use washi tape to dress up the tentacles. Using whichever tapes you desire, cover the entire tentacle area in vertical washi tape strips.

Decorating DIY Washi Tape Jellyfish Friends

Then flip the jellyfish over and repeat the washi tape on the back side of the tentacles. I mirrored my exact pattern from the front of my jellyfish, but that is certainly not necessary.

Decorating DIY Washi Tape Jellyfish Friends

Cutting and Curling Your Washi Tape Jellyfish Tentacles

Using your scissors cut the tentacle space into individual tentacles, stopping just below the head/body of your jellyfish. Mine happened to work out well that I cut at each new washi tape section, but if you used washi of different sizes feel free to cut into even tentacles wherever you see fit.

Cutting Individual Tentacles for DIY Washi Tape Jellyfish

Finally, using your marker (if it is round, if not find something that is) curl each tentacle up to your desired height. I found it visually interesting to vary the depth of each curl!

Finished DIY Washi Tape Jellyfish

Viola! Fun, colorful jellyfish friends that were fun to make and ready in a snap. Perfect companions for an afternoon of imaginary undersea play!

Finished DIY Washi Tape Jellyfish Friends

Will you be trying this one with the littles in your life? If so, I’d love to see your creations! Tag me on Instagram @washitapewarrior so I can admire you work!

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