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DIY Washi Tape Feather Bookmarks

  • 3 min read

Washi tape feathers strike back! But this time with a new technique you will not want to miss out on. Plus, they are bookmarks now! What a time to be alive!

Plotting Out Washi Tape Feather Bookmarks

I so enjoyed my previous Washi Tape Feather project that they have been fluttering around in my mind ever since. Recently, I decided to make them into fun, festive bookmarks! Stunning AND functional, the holy grail. I knew right away, however, that the OG washi tape feathers would not stand up to hanging out of a book, traveling all the places books tend to go. How could I make the feathers just as delicate, but not as smush-able? I tried something, fully expecting it not to work, that actually turned out pretty amazing. Read on to be inspired to make your own!

DIY Washi Tape Feather Bookmark Supplies

Washi tape (I found that 18mm-20mm was my ideal size this project)



Small scissors

Large scissors

String/Thread of some kind (I tried both Satin Rattail and Cotton Cord - both very good results!)

Toilet paper tubes

Tape runner (optional, but recommended)

DIY Washi Tape Feather Bookmark Supplies

Sizing Your Washi Tape Feather Bookmarks

First, decide what size you would like your washi tape feathers to be. I went with roughly twice as long as my washi tape was wide and found that to provide a proportionate-looking result. My size ended up being ¾” wide by 2” long. Once you have that measurement, cut 2 washi tape strips per feather you would like to create (for this tutorial we are making a 2-feather bookmark).

Cutting Washi Tape for Washi Tape Feather Bookmarks

Next, cut pieces from the toilet paper tube to match your washi tape strips, one piece per feather you would like to create. Turns out my toilet paper tubes are exactly 4” tall, perfect for creating two 2” pieces. Love it when things work out like that!

Cutting Cardboard for Washi Tape Feather Bookmarks

Beginning to Build Your Washi Tape Feather Bookmark

The first step in assembly is to apply one pieces of washi tape to the concave side of the carboard piece. Really try to line the two up as best you can, but you will be able to trim away exposed/uneven edges later on.

Beginning to Build DIY Washi Tape Feather Bookmarks

Then, flip the cardboard piece over to reveal the uncovered side (we will refer to this side as the “top”). Cut your string to the length you would like your bookmark to be, remembering that some portion will be covered by the feathers. For this two-feather bookmark I made my string 18”, which ended up being a little on the short side. I might recommend something closer to 24” instead. Next, apply a small area of tape from your tape runner to the right-hand side of the top of the cardboard piece. Picking up on end of your string, place it on the top of the cardboard piece so that the end of the string is just shy of the right-hand end of the carboard. Press the string firmly into the adhesive from the tape runner; this helps hold the string in place while you apply the top piece of washi tape.

Securing the String for DIY Washi Tape Feather Bookmarks

Apply the second piece of washi tape to the top of the cardboard, trying to keep the string as centered as possible. Again, do your best to line up the edges.

Progress on DIY Washi Tape Feather Bookmarks

Repeat these steps on the opposite end of the string, leaving you with two connected washi-taped cardboard rectangles, like shown below.

Ready to Shape the Washi Tape Feathers

Shaping the Washi Tape Feathers

Next, using your large scissors, trim each rectangle into a feather shape; the base of the feather should be at the string connection. Make sure, during this step, that you have trimmed up any uneven edges or exposed cardboard.

Shaped Washi Tape Feathers, Ready for Detail

Once you have your feather shape it is time to add the details! Using your small scissors start from the tip of the feather and make small snips in towards the string, angled ever so slightly towards the feather base. Periodically, cut out a small feather section here or there- it adds a realistic touch. This will be about maximum effort for your small scissors, but large scissors are just too bulky to get the fine detail. Once you have done both sides, twist and turn the cardboard a bit to separate the sections. Soon, your first feather will look like the image below.

First Finished Washi Tape Feather

Repeat on the second feather, making it similar-yet-different to the first.

Completed DIY Washi Tape Feather Bookmark

Completed DIY Washi Tape Feather Bookmarks

Your bookmark is now complete and looks fabulous! For grins, I also made a single-feather bookmark, to which I added some decorative knots. The possibilities are numerous!

Finished DIY Washi Tape Feather Bookmarks

Honesty time: After I took this picture, I made several more of these bookmarks. I just love them! Please tag me @WashiTapeWarrior on Instagram when you try this craft for yourself – I’d love to admire your finished work!