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DIY Washi Tape Clock Tutorial

  • 3 min read

Making this clock covered in washi tape was very easy and allows you to create the perfect “finishing touch” for any space! I have actually had this craft on my mind for a while but could never lay hands on the right clock. Then, one day strolling through the clearance section of At Home, there it was: ugly, banged up, and marked way down – the perfect clock to cover in washi tape! If your perfect clock for covering in washi tape does not just fall out of the clear blue sky like mine did, I have recently discovered this highly suitable option from Target.

Washi Tape Clock Supplies

Clock, preferably with a flat face (see this one from Target)

Washi tape


Modge Podge

Paint Brush

Ruler (optional, but recommended)

Supplies for DIY Washi Tape Covered Clock

Selecting the Washi Tapes for Your Clock

As with nearly all my washi projects, I began by creating a swatch of potential washi tapes I would like to use. After making one on white paper, however, it occurred to me my clock was actually quite dark, and the washi tape would look different on its face. So I repeated my washi tape swatch on a corner of the clock, then rearranged the tapes until I found my perfect combination.

Testing Washi Tape Combinations for Your Clock

Beginning Your Washi Tape Clock

I decided to start at the top of my clock so that first washi tape line would be a complete one, not a sliver trimmed to fit. I turned my clock so the top was towards me and set to work, laying washi strips as carefully and evenly as I could.

Beginning Your Washi Tape Clock

Working Around the Clock Hands

Mostly I just moved the hands of the clock as I went, ensuring they were always out of my way. When I reached the base of the hands, however, I knew I had to accommodate that somehow (because I was not going to dissemble the entire clock then try to reassemble it). Initially, I laid a strip of washi where is would naturally fall in the pattern, overlapping the base of the clocks hands as seen in the picture below.

Working on DIY Washi Tape Clock

Then, free-handing it, I cut into the tape to create space enough for the base of the clock hands. That did not go well. I got a space cut out, sure, but it was really sloppy and uneven.

Washi Tape Clock DIY, attempt 1

Now sufficiently chastised about flying by the seat of my pants, I measured out a piece of washi, measured the clock hand base, and cut an accommodating notch out of the washi strip. It took a couple tries to cut, and a couple more tries to get it properly laid out, but the end result was much more pleasing.

Washi Tape Clock DIY, attempt 2

Trimming Up the Washi Tape on Your Clock

Soon, the whole clock face was covered in washi tape. I had excess to either side of the clock, and the bottom piece needed to be trimmed thin as well.

Washi Tape Clock DIY Ready fro Trimming

All I did here was flip the clock face down on a cutting mat and use a sharp pairing knife to trim away the unwanted washi. Do not rush or force the knife - you will end up tearing the washi you just worked so hard to lay down. (Side note: If this was not such a deep clock I might have been able to use my rotary cutter, which probably would have been easier. If at all possible I would recommend that route.) In no time you have a perfectly trimmed, washi tape covered clock!

Nicely Trimmed Washi Tape Clock DIY

Sealing the Washi Tape Clock

The washi seemed to be holding to the wood pretty well, showing no signs of peeling away. I was unconvinced, however, and laid down a thin layer of Modge Podge over the top. Just to be sure. If you do not live in a humid area, like I do, you could possibly skip this step; I would always rather do it now than later, personally.

Finished DIY Washi Tape Clock

Enjoy Your Finished Washi Tape Clock!

And just like that, you are done! And you have a perfectly customized decoration that will rake in the compliments. Be sure to tag me on Instagram when you try this – I cannot wait to see your clocks! Happy crafting!