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DIY Adorable Washi Tape Frames

  • 3 min read

Looking for a cute, easy frame you can make in minutes? Look no further than these DIY Adorable Washi Tape Frames! This craft comes together so quickly and can be customized to any size and occasion. Need a picture frame for that snap of you and your bestie? Done! Want to display a quote you love? Done! Want to step up beyond a traditional gift tag? Done! Be sure to give this one a try!

Supplies for DIY Adorable Washi Tape Frames




Washi tape


Modge Podge

Paint brush

DIY Adorable Washi Tape Frames Supplies

Sizing Up Your Frame Project

This project is very adaptable, perfect for any size you have in mind. Below, I’ve provided the guidelines for creating frames for 3 common sizes: 5” x 7”, 4” x 6”, and 2” x3”. During this tutorial, we will be creating a 2” x 3” frame.

5x7 Guidelines

4x6 Guidelines

2x3 Guidelines

Once you have decided on your size, mark each corner of the page accordingly.

Marked Corners to Make DIY Adorable Washi Tape Frames

Pro Tip:If your paper is not the same on both sides, decided PRIOR to marking your corners which side is going to be “face up.” The “face up” side will be seen minimally in the finished project but WILL be visible in some areas. Whichever side you have coordinated with your washi tape should be the back side of the paper, where you mark your corners. 

Laying the Washi Tape

For each frame you are creating lay strips of washi tape across the edges in two ways:

  1. Extending from just past one marked corner edge to just past the other marked corner edge.
  2. From the outside edge of the paper to the inside edge of the corner mark.

Laying the Washi Tape for the DIY Picture Frame

The washi tape does not need to extend from edge to edge on the paper, as the corners will be cut away. It also does not necessarily need to cover the center section of your paper; unless you are planning to “mat” your photo with washi tape, this space will likely be covered.

Cutting the Away the Corners

Using your original pencil lines as guides, cut away the 4 corners of your page. This leaves you with a plain center surrounded by four neat washi tape sections, as pictured below.

Cutting Away the Cornes

Applying the Modge Podge

Apply a thin coat of Modge Podge over the washi tape areas of your project, then allow to dry completely.

Applying Modge Podge to Your DIY Adorable Washi Tape Picture Frame

Truth be told, I did not test this project without the Modge Podge. I feel fairly certain, however, that (given the fact the washi tape sections will be curled to create the frame) the Modge Podge is necessary. While a project without the Modge Podge might appear alright at first, the washi tape would almost certainly peel away over time.

Curling the Washi Tape Frame Edges

Now, flip the page over so the washi side is face down. Working as evenly as possible, curl each section inwards to the center of the frame.

Curling the 1st Section of the Washi Tape Frame

With this 2” x 3” frame I found that my pencil was too fat of a guide to get each section fully curled (and not just a wave-like arch). Rolling exclusively with my hands, however, sometimes resulted in folding instead of curling. My ultimate suggestion is this: start each section by wrapping it around the pencil, then curl it tighter with your fingers once the pencil is removed.

For the two larger frame sizes the pencil worked alright but was a bit small. I used the handle of a wooden kitchen spoon and was much happier with that overall result for those sizes.

Completed Washi Tape Picture Frame

When all four sections have been curled, your frame is now complete!

Filling Your DIY Adorable Washi Tape Frames

Once the frame was finished, I used a tape runner to place some adhesive in the center area before sticking down a bit of lettering I had done. So simple!

Filled DIY Adorable Washi Tape Picture Frame

Pro Tip: If you find you are having difficulty getting your item-to-be-framed seated neatly inside, you could try attaching it to the center BEFORE curling the frame edges.

Finished and Filled Washi Tape Frames

I created two framed lettering pieces and an eye-catching gift tag. While I did not have any photos on hand, the 2” x 3” size would also be perfect for framing Sprocket prints! I recommend this craft to nearly all ages (possibly with some adult scissors assistance). What a great way to make a completely customized frame for something you want to cherish!

Will you be trying out these DIY Adorable Washi Tape Frames? I hope you do! And when you are done please tag me @washitapewarrior on Instagram so I can see your beautiful creations!