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Dapple Dots Washi Tape

  • 2 min read

Just as there are time you want your washi tape to be bold and bright, there are also occasions for a lighter touch. The go-to choice for those places? Dapple Dots skinny washi set with its understated elegance and subtle gold shine. Read on learn more!

Dapple Dots Skinny Washi Tapes

Dappled Dot Washi Tape Gold Foil Multiple Colors Elegant premium Washi Tape Warrior

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Because the delightful, organic spots in the Dapple Dots washi tape collection are perfectly reminiscent of the sun filtering down through the trees. This stunning and understated dappled pattern comes in six colors, each highlighted by a soft gold foil. These skinny, 6mm wide washi tapes are perfect for layering together or using alone, adding just the delicate accent you have been looking for. Whether you are using these in your planner, scrapbook, mixed media art, or any other project (designating which charging cord belongs to which family member, perhaps?) the Dapple Dots washi tapes are an ideal option.

Washi Tape Warrior Premium Washi Tapes

Happy Mail Stamp Washi Tapes Collection Washi Tape Warrior

Our team here at Washi Tape Warrior prides ourselves on our high-quality washi tapes that are ideal for a variety of uses. Our washi sticks well, but also removes nicely because let’s be honest: I put down a crooked strip of washi at least 30% of the time! When used with our Washi Tape Card our tapes leave a clean, straight edge that keeps your planner or project looking neat and tidy. The foil accents that many of our tapes feature is both beautiful and durable! Properly stored tapes (kept near room temperature, out of direct sunlight) will not experience foil loss or the foil from one layer sticking to the back of the pervious layer. If you are new to Washi Tape Warrior we know you will see and feel the difference in our incredible washi tapes, all designed here in house!

So whether you are going for the Dapple Dots skinny washi tapes or a variety of rolls from your favorite Washi Tape Warrior collections, order your premium, boutique washi tape today!