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Creating a Clipboard “Frame” with Washi Tape

  • 2 min read

Nonconventional frames for things are kind of my jam, so I was absolutely thrilled when inspiration struck for this DIY clipboard “frame” with washi tape. It was easy, to boot! Read on to learn about it.

Supplies for Clipboard Picture Frame with Washi Tape

Item to be framed (picture, quote, concert ticket- there are tons of possibilities!)

Washi tape (whichever speaks to you and your project)

Mini clipboard (I bought these in pack off Amazon)


Modge Podge and paint brush (optional)

Supplies for DIY Washi Tape Clipboard Frame Craft

Plotting the Course for your Washi Tape Frame

First, I laid my item out on the clipboard to get a feel for what direction I wanted to take this project. What I’m “framing” is a poem that was written for me by Scott Andrew James at the Planner Chicks in Paris event. (It was fascinating: you decorated your page with watercolors, then once that was dry you simply told Mr. James what one word you had chosen to inspire your poem. He instantly typed out something unique and wonderful, then read it to you when he was finished. Many people walked away from his station misty-eyed, touched by the things he had written. I was one of them!)

Poem from Scott Andrew James

Since this is something I enjoyed so thoroughly, I wanted to make a special place to display it. I contemplated the size of the poem versus the size of my clipboard, chose my washi tapes, and got to work.

The Good News

The good news here is there is absolutely no “wrong” way to do this project. Want to cover every inch of the clipboard in tape? Go for it! Want to tear off random pieces and stick them wherever? That’s cool! Want to layer or weave your tapes together? Really neat! Whichever way you feel inspired to decorate your clipboard, do that. It will look amazing. Once you find something that is working for you, the project can just flow from your fingertips. Then, before you know it….

The Finished Washi Tape Clipboard “Frame”

You are all done! Please, believe me, because that is exactly what happened. I became so absorbed in the project I took no mid-way photos. But I’m really happy with how it came out!

Finished Washi Tape Clipboard Frame

And the washi tape was sticking so well to the clipboard I did not even feel the need for my traditional finishing coat of Modge Podge. Wow!

Washi Tape Clipboard Picture Frame

So if you want something that is very simple but looks striking, this is the project for you. Please tag me on Instagram @WashiTapeWarrior when you give this a try- I’d love to see your creations!