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Bubble Art with Washi Tape Resist

  • 3 min read

Looking for a craft that is equally fun for home-for-summer kids as it is for an adult craft night? Look no further than Bubble Art with Washi Tape Resist!  Simple to execute yet with endless creative possibilities, this dynamic washi tape craft is sure to have everyone engaged.

Supplies Needed for Bubble Art with Washi Tape Resist

Watercolor paper (or similar; thicker is better!)

Washi tape (design holds zero effect on this project, I chose varying widths)


Acrylic paint

Dish soap


Small bowls/cups

Coffee stirrers/popsicle sticks


Supplies for Bubble Art with Washi Resist

Tips Before Starting

This craft is a little messier than my usual posts! If mess is something you avoid (or have a family that is especially prone to) please take mild precautions before beginning: do not wear your favorite shirt while making this project, have little ones wear smocks/aprons, have towels on hand for and spills or splatters, etc.

Prepping the Paper for Bubble Art with Washi Tape Resist

To begin, cut your watercolor paper to whatever shape or size you desire. I chose to take my rectangular pieces down to large squares but kept the cut-off piece to use as well. Then, using your washi tape, create the design/pattern you would like to resist the upcoming paint. This could be anything! You could do random strips of tape at different angels, your design could be neat and orderly – whatever speaks to you!

Pages with Washi Resist Ready for Bubble Art

When you are finished laying your washi strips down, trim off any overhanding ends of washi tape. You want your page to be able to move freely for the coming steps. As an extra precaution, go back over each washi piece and press it firmly to your page; any washi that is not firmly applied will peel up once the bubbles are introduced, as shown in the picture below.

Washi Tape that was Not Properly Applied

Creating the Paint Mixture

Using as many individual bowls as you have colors, squirt out approximately 1 ½ - 2 Tablespoons acrylic paint. Add an equal amount of dish soap, then stir thoroughly with the coffee stirrer to combine.

Mixing Paint and Dish Soap for Bubble Art

Once those two are mixed, add enough water to make the mixture very thin. I used roughly 1/3 - 1/2 Cup per color. Mix thoroughly to combine. Remove the coffee stirrers and discard.

Mixed Paint Liquid for Bubble Art with Washi Resist

Blowing Bubbles for Art (AKA The Fun Part)

Using an individual straw for each color, begin blowing bubbles in the paint/soap/water mix. Pro tip: keep the tip of the straw completely submerged at all times to avoid splatters! Keep blowing bubbles until they have risen well past the top of your container.

Blowing Bubbles for Bubble Art with Washi Tape Resist

Taking your washi-taped page in hand, use it to scoop/slice the bubbles off the top of the container and onto to page.

Getting the Bubbles Onto Your Page

There are many approaches to this step, none of them wrong! Experiment with different transfer techniques to find the one that works for you. Once the bubbles are on the page you can either pop them with your finger or lay the page down and wait for the bubbles to pop on their own.

Allowing the Bubbles to Pop on Their Own

Removing the Washi Tape

Once you are satisfied with your bubble art, lay the pages out to dry. When dry, you may begin to careful peel up your washi strips to reveal your resisted design! While the washi tapes I used did not 100% resist the bubbles in all areas, I found I enjoyed the more organic edges that it produced.

Finished Bubble Art with Washi Tape Resist

Create, Create, Create!

Now that you have the hang of it, keep going! Any time you are returning to a paint color that has not been used in the last couple of minutes, use the straw to give it a quick stir before starting your bubbles.

Making Bubble Art with Washi Tape Resist

I had SUCH a great time making this craft, and I know you will too! When you give it a go please tag me @washitapewarrior on your Instagram posts so I can admire your work!