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House Banners Washi Tape Details Revealed

House Banners Washi Tape Details Revealed

The new House Banners washi tape from Wizarding I is sure to be a popular choice, so I wanted to show you the great details up close! Read on to see each banner.

Scarlet and Gold House Banner

If you feel you personify "Daring, Nerve, Chivalry" the scarlet and gold house might be right up your alley!

Gryffindor Banner Washi Tape

Blue and Bronze House Banner

Do you identify with people who are "Wise, Wit[ty], Learned"? Then the blue and bronze house sounds like the perfect place for you!

Ravenclaw Banner Washi Tape

Yellow and Black House Banner

If everyone describes you as "Just, Loyal, True" then you will feel right at home in the yellow and black house!

Hufflepuff Banner Washi Tape

Green and Silver House Banner

If you admire "Cunning, Ambition, Pride" then look no further than the green and silver house!

Slytherin Banner Washi Tape

Truly a Washi Tape for Everyone

So no matter where you call home, you will find your perfect match on the House Banners washi tape roll. Order yours today!


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